No more receiving a loss when someone else leaves

Give the other team a win, and the team that lost a player neither a win or a loss just let them leave.

I just got out of a game where we had the tank leave like 20 seconds after the enemy doors opened, nothing had really even happened in the game yet and we all had to take a loss for his leaving. That is just ridiculous. I’ve had ranks were the majority of my loses were from people leaving, not even actually losing the game normally.

Please make this change ASAP - an entire team should not be penalized for 1 player leaving.

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People gonna abuse that, imagine one guy from a premade groups just leaving on purpose so the whole team doesn’t get a loss …

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They could punish those who leave more heavenly. Sucks for those who actually d/c but it would be for the greater good. As in ban the player that left, from competitive for 2 days. If it happends again, ban the player for a week.

This should balance out any abuse.


They could increase just a bit more the time window at the start of the game when someone leaves to not recieve loss

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Or nullify the match and serve the player a ban period.
But yes, something I’ve requested before on these forums.

If they’re grouped, then the group are punished as a Loss, and the leaver is served a ban period on top of the Loss.

They need to ban these kids for 3 days from competitive

I wouldn’t really mind what they do so long as the null the match.