Not receiving player titles rewards

Hi, I haven’t received any of my player title rewards from competitive. All I have is the basic adept challenger title, but other than that I don’t have any. I have roles in diamond and platinum so I should have those, unless I’m missing something?


Yeah same i got no title at all but finished gm5

I haven’t received my player title. I finished highest GM and haven’t got any title at all this season.

The titles seem to be royally bugged for now, i wouldn’t be too worried about it as it’s gotten fixed in the previous seasons as well.

same. i didnt get my rewards. didnt even get the gold weapons points

Yes same here both me and my mate are missing the title yet we got the comp points

Same. Three seasons now with missing titles. Ended diamond. Got nothing.

This recently ended season I got diamond sleuth but not the other diamonds.

The titles don’t stay past the season.
The title you now got will not be available next season unless you actively play comp and end with where you just did.

I have completed the season 10 battle pass an quite a few season quests but I have no player titles available to equip