Older, casual player looking for team to get into comp with


Hi all,

Just picked up the game a couple weeks ago, absolutely loving it, but hesitant to go into comp alone, heard it can get quite nasty.

So, I’m a 36 year old casual player here. Learning to use an array of characters for various roles.

Just looking for some laid back people to learn the roles of comp play with. Will gladly take constructive criticism to improve but have only played QP so far to get me up to L26.

Usually on a few nights a week based in the UK, and the occasional weekend, RL getting in the way, standard.

PSN is dakeos

Look forward to hearing from you, cheers.


I will keep you in mind when I pick up a new headset.

I’m not a serious player, I’ve only just played my first comp placement matches and my SR is low. But I’ve only played comp this season so I know it will get better should I play more comp mode.

I’m older too, female and I’m a Lucio main. But I do play Dva Pharah and Sym also.


Great thanks. I only jumped on my first comp games last night. The skill level jumps up significantly compared to QP. My SR is really low also, but at the moment I’m only curious to see how I would fare.

Not overly fussed about all this Gold, Plat stuff yet, but that might just be me being a little naive as a complete comp rookie.

I haven’t quite found my main yet. I enjoy playing Hammond a lot, but it’s quite chaotic and quite easily dispatched by the other team when I go all Leroy Jenkins with the body slam.

I’m ok with Zenyatta, but he’s so slow and it can be quite dull just spamming his primary and secondary fire all game.

Was starting to get to grips with Winston, but with this new reaper buff I’m not sure if I should stick with it.

Other than that I can use Ashe, McCreed, Ana and S76.

Even if you don’t have a mic yet and just want to team up for a bit, maybe just some QP, just let me know