Overwatch 2 Community Update

Overwatch 2 Community Update

Developer update with Game Director Aaron Keller, and April PvP Beta Testing.

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which games? maybe i’ll switch too

Finally overwatch 2 is there

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Yo, real s1mple? (extra charecters)

Then why are you here posting? :man_shrugging:


Remember this is BETA, we still don’t know if OW2 is coming out this year. They hope for a summer release but could well be postponed again.

Always so negative lol.

We’ve got the beta coming. 2 dev up dates in 2 days. More to come. A chance to have our views heard in the beta (if you sign up).

What more do you want.

cuz there needs to be someone who can troll you back.

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bb ow1 now i have to search to find a new game.I played Beta ow2 and is awful.Really bad gameplay and really annoying.Thanks Blizzard good job.If Blizzard change it minds then i will be happy to get back in my love that is OW1 and only OW1

Wasn’t going to be for everyone. Hope you find a good game to play!

Best of luck.

I’m hoping OW2 is going to be game I can play continually. I couldn’t really get the feel of the game while playing the quickplay. Would be good if they brought back 6 player role queue again into that game, especially for the 6 premade teams who regularly play with eachother.

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i hope so too! we shall see how well it is when it is released.

Yeah the beta, especially the second one, wasn’t a great feel for the game.

The unranked mode was a good idea. But the new hero being a tank just meant every match was the same, aside from the fact that she quickly started a gross meta comp that has now been nerfed out of sight (thankfully).

Hopefully they will explain how ranked is going to work going forward, given that they claimed SR was going, and that additional subranks were being added.

Also interested to see what little tweaks they have made to the current maps. The little changes they made to Gibraltar and Dorado were pretty good.