Overwatch 2 Ready Check: Prepare for Launch!

Overwatch 2 Ready Check: Prepare for Launch!

Everything you need to know to play Overwatch 2 when it launches on October 4!

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I have my phone linked to my Battlenet, how do i know if it can actually play Overwatch 2?

I have had it linked for a long time


How is the existence of this “sequel” rationalised over at Blizzard? The original game has been deleted from everyone’s libraries, whilst the replacement free-to-play sequel is held hostage, unless one hands over highly sensitive personal data.

I would never have purchased Overwatch if I had known handing over my phone number would become a requirement to continue to play. Worse, you’ve elected to utilise unencrypted SMS.

This behaviour is not OK. You show contempt for your customers. May this game fail and this company rot.


so how do i add my other multiple accounts blizzard as you only allow one number per account?

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I’ve been reset! Wat a joke I played the first overwatch from beta till now started up the new overwatch to start from the beginning with non of my stuff! Have my achievements on my xbox but all characters are locked and my level is 1 I also have to to training before I can go online! Joke!!!

this company has become so trash dude, i dont wanna hand over my phone number to your sketchy asses