Overwatch force me to do it

Sadly, i tried to open a ticket for support about a problem…

i just bought 2 skips in the end of season 10 to reach the end of my premium battle pass (like last 5 mins)
suddently, when i did it, the overwatch coins was subtracted but the skips didnt happen
5 mins later when the seasson 11 starts they gave me those skips in seasson 11 (that i dont have premium)

so, i opened an support ticket and the response was “the seasson started 2 days ago so we cant refund your purschase”

i reopen the ticket but im feeling sad about blizzard support overall the quality of service is getting worst and worst each day (in every game i got the same experiance on WoW)

i think blizzard are trying to move their community to other games…

Last 5 minutes?

The transaction probably didn’t have time to go through in that time and once it did, the season had changed.

I suppose you could always try to keep refunding the tier skips, because it’s not difficult to subtract the xp from your account.

I don’t know if it’ll work, but it’s worth trying.
And at least you’ve learned not to leave purchases last minute.

yea, i already try those solutions in ticket and they refuse to help

You usually have to go through several politely worded tickets before you get past the copypaste answers.
It’s frustrating, but most of the support is outsourced and might not have the tools to help.

Your only hope is that your ticket gets escalated to a supervisor. Which means that you have to keep replying to your ticket.