Overwatch is randomly crashing


My game has been randomly crashing, usually near the start of a match. Sometimes there is an error code (17AE0FE9-93BE-45DA-B0D1-5952A9400EC0) and other times there is no error code. I have been getting this error since yesterday, I have been suspended from comp due to it and i have lost about 100 sr. This issue is annoying, help would be appreciated.

Edit: New error code (67C2DB11-4031-4DFE-A05C-1F67E5DB1D2A)


I looked into the crash reports that were uploaded with these codes, and they seem to indicate that the crash is actually not random at all - according to the data it is the result of a conflict with another application that is incorrectly taking up memory space which should be reserved for Overwatch.

From some further digging into the data it looks like the culprit here may be the overlay that is integrated into Discord - please give disabling said overlay a try, and let me know if that improved matters for you. :slight_smile:


Could the problem also be because i have clocked my ram to 3200mhz?

Also I have been using discord overlay on overwatch for a few years and this problem has only just started occurring.

EDIT: Crashes are still happening. (0B3F835A-D83B-4B7D-B0AC-6CCC3C68536F)

New crash (258E3874-DACC-4F2A-A9D8-7D89C34F8849)


Can you fix the SR loss due to crashing when the game first starts, before anyone has even picked heroes yet? 'Cause that is bulls¿¿te. Excuse my language.


Sorry to hear the crash’s are still ongoing there. Clocking the RAM could have some unintended side effects and Blizzard games do not support overclocking. If you have overclocked or otherwise changed the clock speed of any piece of hardware, set it back to factory settings and test the game again.

When testing, use the quick play option to avoid any SR loss as this cannot be modified.

If that still doesnt prevent the crashing, we will need you to get back to us with some system files. Once you have created the system files, copy them over to a website like Pastebin and then provide the links in your response using the pre-formatted text option (</> symbol)


My RAM had a default underclock so that the user could turn it up to the proper speed if they need it. I have 3200mhz ram but when i got it it was set to 2100. I set it to 3200mhz and haven’t been having any problems till the last few days.