Overwatch league tokens

I recently bought 100 tokens but they didnt come into my account, yet i was still charged??.. it also seems like its not just me having this problem. And before you say anything ive restarted overwatch and my xbox MULTIPLE times but they still arent there, not to talk about how OVERPRICED they are… it’s literally £10 for one league skin…

look 7 posts under yours


Its been five days and they’re still not in my account… Yet I got a message from xbox saying thank you for your purchase of 100 tokens!? Im getting really impatient and i cant refund it on xbox :triumph: this is ridiculous.

Send overwatch a support ticket about your purchase and add a picture of that “thank you for purchase” message.
This is about real money after all.

It might be that it takes a little longer still but they will also see if something has bugged.