Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – April 28, 2020

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – April 28, 2020

A new Overwatch patch is in development and now available for testing! To share your feedback or report any issues, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes may also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and only reflects changes coming specifically to that platform.


Custom Games Updates

  • Custom Game Filter - Changed the custom game filter "Only Show Games with Space For Party" in 2 ways:
    • The names have been changed to be more descriptive: "on" is now "room in game" and "include in queue" is now "room in lobby". "off" is still "off"
    • The filter's default has been changed to "room in game" (previously "on") instead of "off"



  • Fixed a crash on game startup for users with graphics cards with DirectX support up to 10.1
  • Fixed a bug that caused per-hero Friendly Outline settings to not apply properly in some cases



  • Fixed a bug where people could stand on immortality field


  • Fixed a bug where Doomfist's Seismic Slam targeting reticle was briefly visible to other players
  • Fixed a bug where Doomfist could still get slightly shoved by enemies knocked around by Seismic Slam
  • Holding secondary ability will now also trigger the ground version of Seismic Slam when it becomes valid
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Seismic Slam would not trigger if Doomfist was on a slippery surface


  • Fixed a bug where the Hacked effect on health packs that were hacked by an Echo duplicating a Sombra would be colored wrong after her ultimate ended


  • Fixed a bug where Genji did not receive credit for kills done by a deflected Hanzo Dragonstrike


  • Fixed a bug where enemy Mei Icewalls would appear the incorrect color in FFA modes


  • Fixed a bug where Mercy could lose ult charge in custom games with a damage scalar under 100%


  • Fixed a bug allowing turrets to be teleported into invalid locations in rare instances