Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 12, 2021

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 12, 2021

A new Overwatch patch is in development and now available for testing! To share your feedback or report any issues, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes may also be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and only reflects changes coming specifically to that platform.



  • Added Nvidia Reflex support for users with supported Nvidia GPUs. Enabling Reflex from the graphics options screen can reduce input latency. Reflex enabled GPUs can also enable the flash indicator option to help improve the reliability of input latency measurement with Reflex Latency Analyzer equipped monitors.



  • Fixed a bug in the Bounty Hunter game mode that allowed Echo’s Winston clone to lengthen the Primal Rage timer



  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to grapple to an unintended location



  • Fixed a bug that caused Echo Clone visual effects to not appear properly in high resolution screenshots


  • Fixed a bug where the Create Dummy Bot action does not work for slots 13 through 23 while the Spawn More Dummy Bots extension is enabled
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