OW2 comp why do I have to start at a lower rank than I started at last season

What is the point in grinding comp all season to reach a high rank if I have to start over at a LOWER RANK THAN I STARTED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE LAST SEASON! Please tell me this is a joke? How is this comp system still getting worse. All the hidden metrics that nobody can see is full of :poop:. Calling out for help! Please LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE! Remake the comp system. This one is so beyond busted it barely qualifies as comp. Heck ow1 comp system was better by a mile. I’m so frustrated with the game because I want to play and climb sr and improve but what’s the point if I have to do it all again next season???

My theorie is that they want to “enhance” the positive feeling of playing ranked. If they could create a rank system where 90% of the people would end the season on a higher rank than what they started with, 90% of the people would theoretically be “happy”.

I believe they now made everyone at the beginning low rank and gradually raise everyones ranking. To do so, they first need to create a margin by lowering everyone’s rank considerably.

This system is bad ofcourse because in stead of being master rank, I was plat rank playing against other master-ranked players. This way they are really changing OW to appeal more to the casual players because casuals think they are doing alright (and simply don’t know any better). Casual players are just a much bigger group than competitive players which means there is more money to gain from casual players…

This is kinda the same that happened to call of duty franchise. COD 1 & 2 you needed 7 bullets to kill a person which required longer duration of precise aim (more skill required). Later COD changed into you being able to kill a person with 2 bullets in combination with a spawnsystem where you would spawn in the back of a person. If the better skilled player has his back faced to the less skilled player and the less skilled player only needs 2 bullets to kill the better skilled player, the lesser skilled player (casual) will be able to get plenty of kills.

I’m really afraid OW is heading towards this kind of BS and it will ruin the competitive nature of the game.