OW2 - Consistent leavers in my game occuring

Played my first five games of Overwatch 2 - Four of the games I had a leaver.

Clearly they haven’t resolved the issue with leavers as of yet.

it’s maybe poeple like me,

no matter what i do game keep crashing after 30 sec ingame

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Sixth game in, my team again got another leaver.

We also had an AFK dps each round until roughly the enemy team had capped 20% of the point, hopefully the reports sent should have him banned from competitive.

I’m hoping they’re going to reset the ladder back to when OW2 was launched given how badly they have delivered OW2.

When the servers are still wonky after launch, playing comp is always more risky. As illustrated above, there’s a big chance those leavers, or at least some of them, just got thrown from the server for some random reason.

same problem, I try everything play wait low graphics low resolution and turn vsync on/off but still crash

Just got placed so low :clown_face:

Really doesn’t help that they allowed this defective game to continue into Live, allowing Leavers to hamper progression/the actual ranked ladder. Blizzard have really gone downhill in their competency base since OW release.

So basically, you had bad luck that there were more of them in your games. :slight_smile:

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Played a few more games, three of the four games I had leavers on my team!

Honestly, playing comp when there are still server issues going on is a gamble.
I’ve only played qp every day for hours and only had 4 leavers. 2 of them my friend who got kicked out of the game by a server error.

Very true so it seems.
I’m really just posting it so others, and Blizzard are aware of it.
Others including potentially new players, so they’re aware of how bad the game actually is on a ranked ladder POV, though the Metacritic user reviews should keep new players away until they sort out this bad delivery.

It’s ridiculous how often it happens, I’ve just had another two games where I’ve had a leaver.

Maybe don’t play comp until it’s certain that the errors are fixed? That way unintentional leaving will be at least halved.

The old game used to have consistent leavers.
I was hoping that they would of fixed it by now, but clearly not.

So just keeping the thread open/up to date for the community/newcomers/Blizzard aware.

the only solution is a personal rating