People keep leaving during comp matches

my rank keeps going down because of 4, yes yes, 4! games in a row where people just quit the game and let the others rot and fall if you don’t have secured internet, a normal computer, and half the decency to leave a game don’t join! I fell from gold 2 to gold 4 because of leavers ONLY, I do not know what to do next.

I think the game itself is bugging out.
I got a 15 min comp suspension today for not rejoining a game BUT I never loaded into a game!
I was in the menu then it just said rejoin game?! but I never joined a game then the game browser was frozen and I couldn’t click anything.
I just ran the repair feature and will try again but if it does it again I will give it up as a bad job and go play something else, as EU seems pretty buggy server wise.

My initial placements was leaver hell.
To be honest the past few days have been stable and I have no leavers in my comps, but sometimes is can happen all too often which suggests something dodgy in the game.

Looks like for now they’ve fixed the problems in the game in regards to disconnections…

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Leavers in Competitive is very annoying indeed! Makes Comp offputting to play.

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