Ping/ Latency Issues

I typically have latency issues that disappear after i turn off my wifi and reconnect, or that just go away on their own after a few seconds. But sometimes, when i open the game i have a CONSTANT 150+ ping, sometimes its 200+ or even 300+, and even after i turn off my wifi and reconnect, it doesn’t go away. I can wait as long as I want and it just stays that high. Another thing i noticed is that i have a lot of asian teammates and enemies in those times, can it be that im just on a wrong server? (I live in germany, if that helps in any way). Whatever it is, it’s really annoying. I’ve also tried restarting my game, but that doesn’t always fix it. I once restarted my game 3 seperate times to try and fix it but it did nothing. I really hope theres a different fix other than restarting my laptop because it takes around 10minutes (if not longer) for me to be able to play again, so i’d rather avoid that :frowning: (I have also tried the " IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS" doesn’t feel like it did anything though). I’m not a tech person, and non of my friends seem to help either, so this is sort of my last resort after trying to fix it myself

That sounds like you got put on an asian server, yeah.
Sadly there’s no option for us players to blacklist servers so we could stick to the closest ones.

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