Placement SRs make no sense

I usually sit around 27-3000 as support. Been this way for a fair while now. Placements usually put me anywhere between 2200 and 2700, once got placed at 3100 but i quickly dropped back down to my mean, I don’t belong in diamond lobbies.

This season, I enter my placements.
Game 1 - Gold lobby besides me, I’m unplaced - Win.
Game 2 - Plat lobby - 2 leavers, get farmed at base - lose almost immediately.
Game 3 - SILVER LOBBY - both tanks leave after first team fight is lost - get farmed afterwards. Lose
Game 4 - Silver lobby - Second support leaves - We cap as 5, hold them short (barely), win.
Game 5 - Silver lobby - Tank and DPS leave - Farmed at base - Lose easily.

Placement SR - 1580.

Please tell me, or make it make sense to me, how SEVEN LEAVERS IN 5 GAMES made my placement SR drop 700-1500 points? I dropped from steady plat to LOW silver in 5 games of placements and basically had zero input in what happened to my teams.

Am i expected to play my way out of Silver? It feels like a total chore, for something that was very little fault of my own and I don’t actually understand how my SR has dropped that much in that short of a time.


normally I had said “just work your ranks back up” but I gotta admit the quality of games is deteriorating fast recently. All I get in my matches are lowlevel bronzeborder dps all the time who won’t get anything accomplished, ton of leavers too. No idea what this is all about.

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Gaining 1300 rating in a season as a primarily solo queuing support isn’t going to happen. I’m gonna be stuck in silver/gold for eternity now based on these 5 placement matches where leavers completely shafted almost every game.

I refuse to get that rating back. F this game.


what ya gonna play other than this? There is literally nothing on market rn, unless you’re up for CoD.

I’ll probably play a good game instead, or go to the gym.

Greetings @DollpartsFTP ,as far I see,you win 2 games out of 5,and you get 1580 SR,that’s make sense,if u end up season previous with 2200 SR,bassicly 1 win of 5 for placemant pulling 440 score.Since u won 2 games,that should be 880SR ,bcs u are high rank Platinum,u gain more score then it,that’s why you are 1580SR,and that score is good since u lost 3 important placment games. I would say u had unlucky games,happend to me either.I wish you best of all in the future!

if there is a good alternative to OW, why tf are you still here?

That’s a lie. You’ll be stuck their if you play like them.

Play Zen and frag out

If you’re 1300 down you’ll climb, and climb fast. You literally have to try to lose when you’re that far below where you should be. We’ll, assuming 1300sr up is where you should be.

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It is a total chore, and total bs how that happened to you and many others it happens to. SR system is flawed.

Is it though?

How dare they make you have to improve and grind to get wins to climb. The cheek of it!

Not replying to you was I. Bless you.

Sorry. I wasn’t replying to you either. “Bless”

Obviously it is, how special are you?

Lol. Still with the toxic behaviour. Guess your suspensions weren’t enough for you to learn. Tragic.

Can you actually read what you type, your responses? Are you that delusional?

Name calling? Now that’s toxic.