Platinum solo queue support seems broken

Bit of a long one, I’m a support main with 2000 hours into OW total, and I’m a diamond player (In open queue I’m diamond 3, and previous random seasons of OW1 when I was active). Who’s been trying to get out of platinum and also to diamond for about 3 weeks now in support role queue. But games seem to be so random, I’ve been to plat 1, only to fall back to plat 3-5 again, only to climb to plat 1 again and repeat.

I would agree with the whole ‘‘If you’re good enough you’ll climb’’ saying everyone seems to love to repeat, but it seems to no long apply. I’ve put so many hours into the game I can tell by now what a lower level player is from their playstyle. And silver level players + new people are just everywhere in platinum.
And just for clarification, I can play just about every support on a diamond level, besides Zenyatta which isn’t my thing. I always fill the gaps in what the team needs, or what works best against the enemy. I have learned by now when to damage, and when to heal, even in OW2. I’ve adapted pretty well from OW1 to OW2 as well.

It could be that solo queue support is just hell as always, but this ranked system is the worst I have ever experienced in a game. I still have fun playing the game, and I don’t expect my team to be master level players, but when damage is going 2/15, or Sombra players who get 250 damage in the first 2 min of a match, or tanks who run into every junkrat trap possible, or go Roadhog and feed the entire match. Or the unranked tanks I get that that have never played OW1. And that happens in the majority of my games, I feel like something is very wrong. I feel powerless a lot, cause I know how to play with the team and fill what it needs, or play against what the enemy has.

I’d be completely fine staying in platinum, if everyone was at my level but it’s just not the case, and I don’t say that out of ego or hate for my teammates. It’s just stomped or be stomped, but being stomped seems to happen game after game after I get to plat 1 again. Just my somewhat frustrating experience as of late. Is anyone else experiencing this too?

It still very much applies. Keep up the improvements and you’ll keep moving.

The stomp games have nothing to do with people not being at your rank. OW2 is much easier to snowball fights. If people don’t stop and group it’s going to go that way.

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It’s fine if you think that but that hasn’t been my experience with the game. A lot of players are boosted up to competitive levels they shouldn’t be at. Maybe it will be better in season 2 or 3, but right now it’s the worst.

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What you described was my experience in OW1. In OW2 I managed to climb out of plat into masters even… I play mainly mercy/zen but can also play all of the other supports. Due to the statts showing, I know better who to pocket.

I also know from OW1 (not sure how much it also applies in OW2) it was better not to play other roles on your account if you aren’t that great with those since it affected your MMR. On my account in OW2 I have only played support role… Master 4 rank is currently my rank and that seems correct in my situation.

Also I’m not saying whatever you are claiming is not true but people who are not great at OW don’t know what it is like to be great at OW and very commonly rate themselves higher than they really are, simply because they lack the knowledge to determine how good they are. Now that I am master rank, I learned alot about my skills and how I badly needed to improve my positioning as support role.

Oh I don’t blame others for me not climbing, even now I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault just Blizzard themselves. I look at my games to see what I do wrong, but then I also see the enemy team having a pharah for example without a mercy and our 2 hit scans not being able to hit a single shot while getting pockets. Could be that they were just tilted or something but it’s many MANY variations of the same thing happening, not to mention the afkers and leavers ruining 2/5 games if not more.

Im not a toxic person at all, I’ve had endorsement 5 on OW1 for the longest and 3-4 now but it just feels like I’m in some weird queue, it’s just hard to describe but I know I haven’t been the only one feeling this way. It’s just a pity cause I’m enjoying the game a lot, but it just sucks to keep losing matches over the silliest bronze type things you can imagine. It’s almost comical if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s high plat ranked. I don’t expect master level players but still lol.

Don’t blame others, proceeds to blame something irrelevant.

Nah, you’re reading things wrong and just wanna argue for the sake of arguing I feel, looking at all your other posts out here.

I’m just saying things don’t match up with the levels I’m playing at. Take it as you will but I’m not explaining it any further to you if you’re not getting my meaning.

I’ve taken it as generic forum complaint, blaming team mates with zero proof or context provided.

According to your logic, the phara on the other team should also miss all her shots. Or are you claiming that the rank system is designed to only give you the bad dps and the other team the good dps?

Nice to see someone doing their due diligence on certain forums users here :wink:

Frequently seeing this myself.
Doesn’t matter how well you heal your team, you always get the one tank who deal (literally) 250dmg over 2mins as rein, or as you say, enemy pharah battering two hitscan dps, or just dps doing Sooo little dmg the enemy team are just trouncing - theres only so much you can do at that point, even if you’re outhealing the enemy team by x2.

Neither, but I expect competent/able to aim players.
Nice to see someone else bringing this up as a topic.

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Why you trying to flirt with them… This isn’t the place for it lol.

I’m here to correct people, not argue. It is people like yourself who want to fight back and try to start arguments.

If thats flirting to you, then I feel very sorry for your victims.

You think you’re correcting people, when in reality, you lie and just want to argue - other forums users can see this also referenced below.

Thanks for proving my point.

I corrected you, and now you’re firing back with irrelevant nonsense lol.

How’s the games been today in the new patch?

I’m guessing that a mis-quote where its showing just a “you”?

I’ve not tried/seen the new patch yet. Been busy with a clients go-live.

I’ve just got in from playing football so not even downloaded it.

But it’s the patch from Tuesday that was delayed. No more Genji Sombra Zarya!! Just Monkey/Hog and Sojourn to put up with instead… Woo.

As in nerfing, or removing temporarily?

Nerfing in to the bin.

The meta comp is pretty much a given of Lucio Kiriko, Reaper Sojourn, Monkey… Potentially with Hog being a stronger tank on some maps.

(We’re now on the owl/contenders patch)

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Pity they can’t provide a balance between a slight counter and player skill.
Instead we’re seeing these massive metas.

True. But that’s what happens when you have so many heroes, abilities, maps, modes. There is no “balance”.

As long as they keep moving things, so it doesn’t go stale, it’ll be alright.

A big patch each season, with at least 1 mid season up date means a meta will last 4/5 weeks most. No matter how rubbish that meta is, I’d take that.

I love through years of playing and watching double shield, goats… They just need to avoid doing that.