Playing in Platinum or Diamond NEW Players

Where I understand that people are going to be new to the game but the fact that they reside in Platinum or even Diamond is beyond belief, hell I’ve seen people in Masters and question what they’re doing.
Now I know when you gain a new account you can get a lot more percentage from wins and I’ve even seen NEW players gain the rank of diamond, plat is I would say normal.
I had one guy in platinum who played soldier, did not know he had a healing ability, now I’m sure when people play QP they more of less play the hero they enjoy, this person being in high plat did not KNOW they had a HEALING ability?! There’s no way right?
Well apparently there was another game I had in diamond where a REAPER knew he had to counter a Winston so I thought, okay great we got a reaper… HE DID NOT GET A SINGLE KILL even on the Winston, 0 KILLS in 2 rounds?! I get if you struggle first round but he literally got NOTHING and did not understand why. He resorted to be abusive towards me instead despite the fact I was countering the Winston on Dva.
I’m sorry… There’s no way that Blizzard thinks this is normal that NEW players should be put in these ranks, I’ve been struggling myself to keep in diamond because of the annoying deranks whilst you’ll just get these new players who can just JUMP up into a higher rank?! Come on, there’s no way this is in any way fair to those who have been playing for so long, I get you get one game one new player once and a while but I see it WAY too often now…

Hell in OW1 most people end up in Gold or Silver… If you’re really good you’re more likely to be in Plat.

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If they are that bad, beat them.
No point complaining about it.

Think you’re missing the point here.
These people were on my team, not my enemy.

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Then lose the game and move on.

Either way, it’s just a video game. Don’t lose sleep over it.

Why did you even comment?
This is more of a “if this has happened to you” kind of thing, not “I’d love your unrelated opinion and no meaning to anything to this post”
Clearly this post is not for you.


It happens to anyone who starts a new account

If you’re a more experienced player, still getting new players in your lobbies, then your MMR is low

The only way for you to avoid them is win more. A lot more.

I’ve seen it also in my matches. We can’t be sure if some of these players just got carried into the higher ranks by being grouped with their friends at the time. At least they will fall quickly to the rank they should be… you’d hope.

Best of luck buddy :slight_smile:

All about money. if new player were put in low ranks they would just quit so put them in higher ranks keeps them intrested.

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I’m not sure how well players are retained if they’re put against players that will repeatedly stomp them.
I know i would have stopped playing if i kept losing when i started playing.
It feels nicer to actually be able to win.

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if you are talking to rodiusprime, just block hime like everybody does

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You can try. But there isn’t a block function, sadly.

ok they will drop but I had such players 4 times in a row … so 4 losses and immediately 3 leavers … so nice platinum and in platinum again new players most of my games are 0 - 1 enemy elimination around 20. And not like main healer I really don’t do anything with it. I have the same heal as both enemy healers and only losses … I understand you