Please, please, PLEASE give us the old ranked icons back

I absolutely hate the new icons, the are ugly and i hate that we dont have the SR numbers anymore!!! when we get the VS screen, noone knows exactly which rank we are playing, everyone is left wondering is it a diamond or master lobby…

and the Matchmaking fixes are too slow!!! i’ve had silver dps in my diamond games that had 20+ deaths and we ended up losing.

Ranked experiance is a horrorshow really.
and please please please fix the ranked profiles cause when i take a break and i dont look at my rank i forget, which number i am.
whomever approved these butt ugly icons should be punished.

also fix openQ, the latest tank nerf sucked the fun out of that mode.


Hi Randgris,

I agree on what you’ve wrote. A lot of the features from OW would be nice to see come into OW2.

And yes, they really need to pick up the pace with fixing MM. I’ve called it out a few times on here as have others.

You know, if you have a silver DPS on your team… So do they.

Maybe help them instead of crying about it. Why not bring some positivity to the game

how am i supposed to help someone whom has 20 deaths and cant aim for dear life? they were a boosted mercy main. there’s a reason why the stereotype exists

Now. 1 bad games doesn’t make a bad player. So making silly accusations and stereotypes like that isn’t helping anyone.

You can always help, encourage, protect. Or step up and take the enemy down for them.

These changes should have never happened:

  • Possibility to make career profile private. Transparency in competitive play is a MUST. Players need to know who they’re fighting and who’s on their team, their strong and weak points.
  • Rank being hidden. You can only view someone’s rank if their career profile is public. Very dumb, I need to know I am against a Masters widow in my Diamond game so I can play around that.
  • SR was far superior to ranks. You don’t touch something that is loved and works. If they wanted to introduce updates for the shake of updating they could find so many other things to edit, they should have never ruined SR it was top.
  • On-fire mechanic in-game. It’s very important to know who on your team is popping off so you can play around them or counter an enemy that is very good. Sure scoreboard can tell you this info, but scoreboard numbers exist even after you switch to another hero, so On-Fire was a more accurate indicator imo.
  • Post-game cards. Why not receive some sort of recognition for your hard work? To make the game more noob friendly? No ty, bring this back.

Fun fact i fought against them in Quick play before and they are a boosted mercy main…no accusations here.