Please rename "role queue" to "dps queue"

Please see the title


Lol, i almost always have at least 1 healer and 1 tank( and sometimes 3), so that name wouldnt fit at all… Besides, people get to choose their own hero, so what is te point of complaining? :smile:

I realy dont get why people keep demaning 222 or certain heros in OQ: let everyone else decide for themselves :wink:

Mostly because open que games are a disorganised mess and the reason 222 was forced in the first place.

Unless you get a team that agrees to play the same strat you are in for a cluster f*** of a game.

Having an open que is what generated a lot of the toxic behaviour we still see now. People demanding certain things to be played, because that is how they’ve “grown” to play the game. Demand others change to what they want to do.

So if 5 of your team want 222, it is probably best to just go with it.

And this is the problem… People need to let others make their own decissions… Yes you can ask nicely for some strategies or some heros, and that is NO problem… But demanding and being toxic foe no reason means insta ignore for those people and a report

People need to learn that not everything can go their way, and most of all: you can’t win EVERY game!!! So when they lose, thei shouldnt be insulting teammates (they are also part of the team)


If its not working, I will say something like “is there anything we can do differently or swaps we can make?” If no one wants to swap, then that’s fine. Nothing I can do.

I can only control who I play.

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