Possible exploit/hack/bug for kicking + ban/suspend players

Can you please import and check this replay code? H7D266

Go to minute 15:29.

Exactly at that second 2 players from the same team are misteriously kicked out of the game (I am one of them), and in my case I get 1h suspension.

If you check later at the end of the game, the other player that got kicked has rejoined the game but I still have the 1h suspension.

Also, after being kicked/suspended I could still keep chatting with the ingame people from the menu, even with the other team, as they asked if we were okay and they were also reading me.

Could this be some kind of exploit or hack to make specific players to be kicked + suspended to get free wins?

Otherwise can anyone explain how is all this possible? I think I have probably left just 1 ranked game in my whole life and it was by mistake (like 3 seconds before finishing the game), so being punished for bad behavior doesn’t look like an answer. Also I always had endorsment level 3-4 so again doesn’t look like I am toxic and got a suspension for that.