Practice Range in Queue


You’ve probably already been asked to imploment this many times before, but I haven’t found an official statement in the matter.

With the new Role Queue system, the queue times are increased by an insane margin for players queuing for impacted roles, or any group in higher ranks to be honest. Implomenting a practice range while queueing or something similar (not skirmish, as it’s never populated enough to be practice), also while in a group, would definitely increase the QoL in the game (in my opinion).

No longer prepared for the game
Currently, I can easily have queues of up to 30 minutes while queuing for my main role, and it’s ruining my gameplay as I’m unprepared when the game starts, and not warmed up anymore. I don’t want to play another game while in queue for Competitive in Overwatch, as it’s just a bad solution to a problem I think could be easily solved.

I understand that the Practice Range is running on it’s own server, and implomenting a Practice range in queue would definitely increase the strain on those. But couldn’t it just be client hosted like Rocket League does it? Or just prepare for the added traffic?

We need Practice range while queuing, and I don’t see any complicated reason why it would be a problem to imploment. It would definitely increase the QoL of the game, as I said earlier.

Skirmish is not an option, and will never be in my opinion, as the gameplay is too slow to represent a valid warmup scenario. Practice range has bots that constantly spawn in close vicinity which allows you to practice and warmup without stopping and waiting for other players. FFA wouldn’t really be a solution either, as it doesn’t necessarily help you warm up if you already have a routine for the existing Practice Range.


I would like to see some fun FFA instead of basic skirmis, Lucio, Ana, Hamomd, Widow have some funny and potential ideas or just some basic No Limits FFA. About practice range, shooting a FLYING ( lets make them looks like Pharah ) robots while waiting a game with hitscan could be some of fun, having scoreboard for some comp, also.


HE is so right!!! OW watch this! It’s a big problem


Anything gameplay related would be fine by me. Practice range is perfect as you can warm up and stay prepared until the match starts.


Agreed 100%! This needs to be implemented!