QP always Defense ? hardly ever attack?

I don’t know what it is lately, but on a ratio of 7 to 1 (7 defense to 1 attack) and half the time the 1 attack is a Control map.

Is there something I’m Missing ? why am i playing WAY more defense games over attack games? Do the bots that blizzard are using to fill games, now that their are less players, not know how to defend accurately or what am i missing ?


Personly i bealive it’s just luck of the dice.

Been having days where i mostly get defence games, and days where i only had attack games.
Even days where i joined KOH maps about 90% more than other kinds of maps.


I recently made a post about that on the US forums: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/attackdefend-ratio-in-qp-and-preference/531913
I’m having the same experience. Maybe it’s some sort of balancing mechanism to steer win/loss? Realistically it’s weird though because if a certain part of the players got more defend matches, than other players would have more attack matches, otherwise there wouldn’t be any matches.

Either way it sucks because I like attack way more. It would be nice if they made a preference option for attack/defend (though must not interfere with queue times or matchmaking too much).


If you get too many defence games in a row. Just leave and rejoin.

Also, the sooner they make QP matches attack and defence (so it is a full match) the better.`


Could be a solution for tanks, support but for DPS queue it’s not really ideal because of the long queue times.

Don’t think there is any other solution, except suck it up.

Maybe play qp classic… at least then the whole game is a total mess, nothing really matters.

Don’t know if longer matches will have that much effect on queue times. A little bit, sure, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind being able to play a bit longer after a 10 minute queue when I’m DPS.

Same reason I really don’t like completely stomping the enemy as DPS in QP - I’m there to have fun playing, and not to have quick wins only to end up in queue again.

You are not alone with this…

Be nice if they could find a way… but sadly, QP is not the best place to enjoy the game.

That is why I just play ranked. Focus on improving my own play, and not worry about SR. games are much more fun.

Still happening… beyond a joke… got to the point where i dont care if i get penalized for leaving games, starting to understand why there so many leavers in defense games before the start.

Leaving QP games isn’t really a crime.

But they should 1000000% make QP matches the full match.

15 games defense to 1 attack …

Happens bro. And unless they change the match format. Nothing you can do.

Except don’t play QP…

There are actually 3 possible explanations:

  1. There are really more defense games than offence due to Blizzard’s decision.
  2. There are more vacant spots on defence teams.
  3. It is just a selection-bias.

Hypothesis 1 is easily proven wrong. Each defence game needs the same amount of attacking people. Starting more games with people on defence is thus not possible unless there was attacking teams with AI people (pretty unlikely).

Hypothesis 3 is pretty much possible and was suggested by many already. While I think selection-bias plays some role here (you feel more anger about “another def game” than you get positive feedback from an att one), I don’t think this is the main reason.

Which brings me to hypothesis 2:
Could there just be SIGNIFICANTLY more vacant spots on defence than on offence? This sounds quite plausible, since many have stated they don’t enjoy defence. If people leave when they see “def” then naturally more people get queued into def. It gets even worse: Let’s say, you never do leave, but the average player during your playtime/skill bracket does. This makes the team with you “more stable”. The defending team will throw, making your attack games very stompy and rather short.

Since I play alot quickplay (pretty much nothing else, besides some mystery heroes) and already cursed with a diamond border, I can share some “anecdotal evidence” for this theory.

I play quite often after work (after about 6pm), but also quite a lot really late (11pm to 2am). This is relevant because I see a pretty obvious correlation between two phenomenons.

In the afternoon/early evening of all quickplay games I’d say about 80% have early leavers, usually after first lost teamfight. During later hours it’s close to 0% (rather disconnects).
Also during afternoons it feels like “only defence” while late night it’s pretty even.

One could ask why there is this huge discrepancy in leaver rates. It probably has to do with the different part of playerbase playing at different hours (player age, timezone?).

At least I have accepted that I can play early, but real overwatch starts at 11pm.

honestly. I think point 2 is most likely.

Defence is boring on QP its often either a full hold or you get rolled. More often the later. If you get rolled on first point, people do just leave.

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Im am actually experiencing the same. When I queue up, I end up getting 80% defense and it’s getting really tiresome having to defend match after match after match. I have tried leaving, waiting and rejoining multiple times to no avail.

Yesterday I left a defense match on Eichenwalde, waited for a few minutes, queued up again only to be put into defense on Eichenwalde once more.

Today I had to leave 3 matches in a row, only to finally get an attack map - only to be matched up with two absolute lowlevel players - so much fun!

And since I almost always start at the beginning of the match, when countdown starts at 30s, I somehow don’t think, that Theory #2 is too accurate

I think the most likely answer would be that the chances for a DEFENSE match are somehow dependant on your MMR and how much you’re “internally favored for a win/loss”. I have no idea what would make you more eligible for a DEFENSE match thou. But I have a similar issue, only backwards - I mostly get ATTACK matches.

Now that’s a theory…

A wrong one. But a theory all the same.

I prefer attack more, and I suspect so do most players so it might cause a bottleneck if you allowed choice. Also most teams do better on attack, it’s like people don’t know how to defend- a team can steamroll on attack and the next round get steamrolled on defence.

I often get thrown into defence - especially in backfill - i wonder if people don’t just leave a match to get an attack match rather?

it’s called OverDefense now

stupid dice algorithm