Question about queues

Hello everyone, I’m currently in mid silver in damage role. I’m sure everyone here at any role experiences cancelled matches. The disparity between those waiting is not being disputed. Have the dev team considered offering an option to those who have waited a chance to fill the missing slot, would that be an achievable option.

They probably don’t do that in comp like they do in other game modes because it would instantly put the team with the leaver at a disadvantage

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Imagine the following scenario: you queue for DPS, and after 5 minutes get a match. You join a game in progress because one player rage quit. It’s 0-1, 0-85% against you. You barely make it to the point, but lose the teamfight because you had no ultimate ready and the opponent has one left. You had one fight before seeing the defeat screen and lose 20 SR.

That would just be incredibly frustrating. But let’s say the SR is only affected partially, like 5% since you only played for 5% of the match. If you lose, you lose like 1SR. Now, if you manage to carry hard and turn the match around, taking it into round 3 and winning it, you would only have played for maybe 50% of the time, so you would get at most 10 SR for carrying hard.

As frustrating as is can be, if somebody leaves a competitive match, there’s no fair way to compensate that.