Queue Times + Wide Groups

The queue times for Competitive are way out of control. On Sunday, I attempted to play two competitive games with a friend. I’m Gold 2/3, he’s Plat 2/3. We’ve routinely had no issue whatsoever getting into games quickly, which towards the end of OW1 was a real nightmare.

With the new “wide group” system, we ended up sitting and waiting for 50 minutes (one 30 minute queue, one 20 minute queue), and never got into a single game. How can the devs acknowledge that people want to play with their friends, and then pull stuff like this?

Please revert this new system, because it clearly doesn’t work and hasn’t been thoroughly tested. The fact we were sat in 50 minutes of queues and didn’t get to play until we un-grouped is just ridiculous. At least update the queue time estimates on the role selection to be more accurate, or have a cut off on the queue if a game hasn’t been found - it’s really not that difficult.

Why you also chose to narrow the range on grouping is beyond me - it used to be 10 divisons, otherwise you couldn’t group together at all - but now it’s just 5 for it to class as a narrow group?!

Fix it!


Same for me and my husband. I am Gold 1 and he’s Diamond 5. The waiting time is way longer than usual. We got a game today, and we versed a Master. We also had a Master on our team, but we do not want to verse AGAINST Masters. It’s not fun at all. This is awful, actually considering quitting at this point. Wide Group queue sucks.

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Me and my boyfriend also suffer from this issue. Can’t play with my friends anymore after this wide update. It was fine before.

Also have this issue as… bronze 1 + bronze 1. Literally the EXACT same ranks… have only ever played together . And need to deal with 20+ minute “wide” queues, its a complete joke of a system

Sounds like the wide queue is still broken then. Apparently blizzard is working on fixing it, but there’s no telling when that’ll happen.
Then again, you shouldn’t even be in wide queue if you two are the same rank…

wide groups queue time is simply unplayable sitting in 50mins queue right now (not fixed with recent update ) as 2 diamond dps/tank one of us is unranked.
overwatch is no longer good with friends after the new grouping system will take a break of the game until this is changed i dont like playing solo it is not fun.