(Radical Idea) Resources aka mini objectives on maps and overhaul of supports

Now this is probably gonna be a thing you really don’t have an idea of how it would work or how it would affect the game in general and probably hate the proposition of it.
but hear me out

something i thought was kind of fascinating with sombra on her release was how she could hack healthpacks and use them for her team, which basically made the healthpacks sorta like a pseudo objective for her only.

and as it stands there is only 1 objective per map and then there’s just positioning based around that 1 objective.

now it just hit me that healing is a resource and it does exist outside of supports, but since i am not really that into the supports being healers in the way they are now i was thinking if we got rid of healing as an ability for supports and make them more utility based we could in theory make other objectives on the map that would give you healing aside from just the occasional health packs, and as we know healing is a major advantage to have.

so for example you could divert some team mates into capturing healing stations that would give your team an advantage creating conflicts on these points aswell spreading out the attention of the teams so there’s more points of interests around the maps.

what this would lead to would be is that supports would get more interesting abilities in how they would support their teams and it would also open up how fights would take place and open up more for different types of compositions depending how much you want to divert resources into capturing healing stations or not.

now this is just an idea i had since i’ve been feeling that supports could be more fun if healing wasn’t a part of what makes supports supports as a baseline.
and also i thought about breaking up the formation of teams so it’s not allways this 5v5 or 6v6 engagement, but sometimes 2vs3 or 1v1 engagement happening somewhere else on a different point of interest.

at first i was thinking maybe just add multiple points of objectives where you capture and hold them for points, but that just lends itself to allways spreading out making the meta allways about spreading out the team making fast characters allways the best, so that’s why i thought of maybe if i could make minor objectives that aren’t necessarily pivotal but advantageous then that could make things more interesting, and then i just put 2 and 2 together and came up with healing being an objective resource instead of a support baseline.

you might think i’m saying this because i hate supports but that’s objectively false, i’ve allways had this frustration with supports, that even if i’m actively healing somebody they can and probably will die anyways, now i can either dedicate my slot into either picking a character that can heal more to maybe give the character i’m healing a bit more of a chance to stay alive or i could pick another support that brings more of other things to the table and heal less, and having to allways walk that tightrope and in the end it ends up not even mattering is frustrating for me as a player, and i tend to favor giving my team more utility over trying to frantically heal people as a result, and that’s why i want supports to go down that route instead.

now i would think this would be a very interesting turn of events if this happened but i want to know what you guys think, you may have some thoughts that could make this into a better idea or have very good critique into why it wouldn’t be fun.

but in any case this is just a random idea i had and i wanted to share it even though it will most likely not end up happening anyways, but sometimes a guy can dream aye? :slight_smile:

That would entirely change the tactical landscape. It’s essentially a different game at that point.

that would be exactly the reason for it, no more map specific tanks, no more main and off-heal, more effective damage sources that aren’t just considered as “pressure”
and also a good reason to nerf damage numbers to account for less healing in general.

i mean it’s either that or do the opposite and nerf dps to the point so they have to work together in order to bring 1 enemy down just as tanks have to work together to even tank or supports that have to hug each other in order to increase their chance of survival as it allready is currently.