Rank changed overnight again

Its not the first time this has happened, yesterdayI finished a placement and attained the same rank I have had the last 2 maybe 3 rank assessments (lowly S1 top 79%) this morning when I logged in I got a rank of S2, no games played after last rank change for the role that got changed.

not really related to this but I’m seing loads of players with plat challenger in teams with and against me. Yes I know you can have different ranks by role but a plat challenger in any role should probably have the game awareness and know whats going on to be placed above silver games, or am I very misguided in this thinking?

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Yes. You are. Sorry to say.

thanks, this was an after thought to the first question, saw your other comments in other posts after making this one :slight_smile: v helpful cheers :slight_smile:

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No worries.

As always, don’t worry about your rank. Stick to having fun and trying to improve. Ranks will sort themselves out.

The ranks have shifted around strangely during this season. The devs adjusted the whole mmr and ranking at the start of the season so they might have just now reached your account for adjusting. (Mine shifted a little a bit over a week ago)

And as was said, try not to worry about the ranks. If you keep winning the rank will eventually follow.

thanks, I know about the big adjustment, was stuck in B5 and this stopped me playing with friends. so dishertening to have clawed my way back to about where I think I live to get re adjusted down (only 1 rank thank god). at least I am able to play with friends again for now.

That’s the most important part. Keep it up!

yeahh unfortunately it kinda happens sometimes (im abt gold- plat) n i see masters in my games at times n it feels a little unfair but luckily in a game like overwatch its very team dependant unlike games like valorant n csgo so it makes it a lot more winnable. just keep grinding n maybe u can be that annoying random diamond in their games who gets potg all the time