Rank is broken, i dont get Rank ups

Honestly the Game is broken you cant Play competitve. I habe Done my 7 Tank UP! Games several times and it got reseted several times so i did them over and over again. Just to get only 2 Rank ups. At the begining at my first 7 rank matches you put me in Bronze 5 Even after i won all matches easily. And i Played over and over again even after the resets because i had fun playing the game, untill today i started playing my 7 games and like its usual the got reseted i was like ok it Happens multiple times and just did them again. So i did them and instead oh a rank up i got a Rank down. Ist Mist ne a Bug because i got deranked a Wohle f*** Rank from Gold 2 to Silver 2. like this was the Finishing Blow for Me. I would be in the uppper plat or even diamond without all These bugs and interuptions so like Wehre ist the justice ? Raining Form Above ? I dont think so. So please fix the Game sind Give me my Rank back i deserve. I beg for it because i love this game. And buff doomfist please. Thanks

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