Rank Reward Rebates

Are the rank reward rebates still rolling out for people who were de-ranked at the start of the season?

Those that needed to be adjusted have been

If you’re still “deranked” it’s because that’s where you should be now.

I was actually raised from gold 1 (which was said to be my rank at the start of the season) to plat 5 today. And i haven’t played a single match in this season.

So i guess they are? For some people at least.

i finished in diamond last season and the new season put me in plat 1 with “platinum role challenger” instead of “diamond role challenger” and i haven’t been reimbursed for it tho…

I think the best answer for you is…

“Oh no”.

If you’re a diamond player, you won’t be without it for long. Season is probably over soon.