Ranked System Stuck at B5

I have been playing alot of ranked games and this is stupid… no matter what i cant rank up stuck at bronze 5. Stuck playing the worst games of this game with no hope of ranking up because of your bugged ranked system giving some more boost doesnt mean anything if i am spamming ranked games and get no rank while i get positive calibrations. I dont want to spend my time in a system that literaly is against me with no indication of what i am supposed to do or how much i am supposed to play to rank up.I have been calibrated to Brozne 5 for more than 18 times now. Its called competitive for a reason if u give an mmr boost to all with the ppl that are stuck in Bronze 5 wont get much help… and those are the ppl that blizzard needs to help but it seems like they cant build a fair ranked system.

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Where do you think you should realistically be placed?

I dont really care about the rank that much.Honestly i need a transparent way to rank up and an MMR reset coz i got bugged and stucked here I dont want for blizzard to rank me up.But this is stupid i get many positive calibrations to just get disappointed again and again.PLEASE just give me a number! … But since i got here because of a bug the mmr boost doesnt really help…

If you got the bugged placement, it’s been fixed and anyone effected has been boosted to their correct rank.

If you are still stuck there are 2 reasons.

  1. Still bugged somehow.
  2. Skill issue.