Ranking still broken

I played 11 games, won 7, was Gold 3 still shows Gold 3, which is - in a working system - impossible due to 3 factors:
a) I played at 3320 peak in OW1 and consistently at 3000 in all 3 categories.
b) I had a 64% win rate
c) In all games except 3 I had extraordinarily high stats, never less than 50% more than the other class representant, often up to 100% more - which is expected though when playing as Diamond in Gold I guess.
I even passed a “carry check” once when the matchmaker gave me a super braindead team and I ended up with 3x the healing as the other healer and still managed to carry the team to win…

This system makes no sense and gives zero motivation. In fact I think I will stop Competitive and maybe even OW completely now (I don’t spend $20 on a skin lel), as I see no motivation anymore. Especially annoying is that you don’t get instant feedback after each game like you used to. This system is just complete trash. Thanks, good luck.

PS: Oh yeah what is also SUPER lame is that you can no longer see all the player’s tiers when pressing TAB. Security by obscurity always a good thing, huh Blizzard? Or do you think your playerbase is too stupid to not get “confused” by this info, it’s just “for our best”? Like, better hide when you place a silver/gold player in the same match as a masters/diamond player, and both play tank role in their respective team, as I’ve seen thanks to open profiles a few times now?


Laters! Hope you find something you do enjoy!

yes, it absolutely is broken. I had peaked at diamond back in OW1, not that I assume I can play at a very high level in OW2, but I have consistently been winning games on tank and dps, just won five in a row on each role and I still made no progress on my rank, stuck at gold 3 or so on both roles. Very demotivating, at least on the old system you would see your rank going up or down 25 points or so, now most of the time you might end up playing 7 win games or more and then see nothing, just the empty hope of the game placing you in a higher rank.

I mean while playing I can literally feel the enemy team tank or dps is so much worse than me and I should rank higher, not that I care about it so much, it just feels a waste of time. You win 7 games, then 7 more, then 7 more, what for, lol.

Might as well play QP, same difference.

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New ranked system as entire game is another level of the game (much better then old version) , your games now depend on how much you are feeding,and how much you are effective in any way.It’s rude to blame a game or shop in the game that dosn’t have anything both things with your gameplay.

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As if the game could remotely find out how “well” you play… impossible just from stats.
Went up to mid plat after another game tho, going fine now

The score that used to be represented as the on fire meter was the best way to track this.

This score is still being tracked, but hidden and that’s how they’ll be determining single game performance.