Ranking system problem

Hello dear staff
I’ve encountered a very confusing situation while playing Watchtower
It’s that my ranking has been set at Bronze 5, even though I’ve been on a winning streak. I’m playing with a few of my friends. One of them has reached Gold 4, but no matter how many times I play seven wins my ranking doesn’t change at all. I’ve won over a hundred games in my output position. But my ranking hasn’t changed at all. I suspected it was my bad stats. But after my comparison my numbers are also very good. At the same time I’m at gold in Watch One. And there were times when my friends and I kept winning streaks too. When it’s over they all move up and I’m always Bronze 5. It’s very confusing to me. It’s a big blow to my enthusiasm for playing if I can’t get a ranking increase from winning all the time. I hope you can compare my stats and tell me why I’m at Bronze 5. Of course, if there is a problem with the ranking algorithm, I would also like you to give me an answer. I would appreciate it if you could check my match data and tell me the reason for this.
Thank you for your help!


I am totally in the same boat…had a winning streak and I did manage to get to bronze 3 then had a few losses, mainly from people going afk or quitting mid match and now I am back to bronze 5. Just had another win streak 7 wins with 3 losses in between (1 from a person quitting) and I didnt even go up to rank bronze 4…what is this madness

Ive been in the same boat. Ive played so much ranked it is crazy…I am playing a support, but my heals and dps are good in almost every single game and my deaths are low, but Ive been bronze 5 over and over. I win most of my games but due to leavers, or tanks that dont know what they are doing we lose a match. but even still my stats are good. Bronze 5…I just went through and got a good streak, and bronze 5. The funny thing is…I play only support and Ive played open que also, my first run of open, I lost 1-2 games, but won the rest and my first rank up was bronze 2, and now im in silver in ranked open que, only playing support still (I dont play open que as much though). It almost makes me want to play only open ranked, since at least Im getting some positive reinforcement. I kinda wish they would show the your score, at least if I could see that going up or down, it would let me know something, this is feeling like Im spinning my wheels. It defeinitly must use loses and wins only …but solo queing I cant be guaranted at bronze 5 I dont have new players or people who quit. I just keep going at it, hoping Ill even get bronze 4 and maybe it will be better lmao…

It is weird how 95% of the overwatch community has a 80% winrate.

The fact that there are a lot of griefers, leavers, etc… it is a good thing they adjusted the new rank system to take into account more your personal performance statts. If you then aren’t going up ranks, start watching youtube video’s for guides.

This must be broken. Because all the competative forums are the same issues.

Im playing solo and cant get out of bronze/silver. I get positive win ratios and get demoted. Its so bad.

I was looking forward to getting my next ranking and then got demoted after a 7-4. Then I went 7-1 and barely moved. Its actually demoralised me from playing at all. -.-