Reaper, Mei and Symm new mechanics suck, revert it


Everything is in the title, tested it and its literally broken. Its so weird to use it is no longer intuitive to use, you can’t even put your tp/wall or shadow step in some places anymore and if you get to close to a wall it literally cancel the stuff


IT IS WORSE ON KING’S ROW, you can’t tp on the ledge in the narrow streets before reaching the factory


I want reaper to have his orbs back so I can kill him with winston again. but I agree, those changes were made to counter meta’s without RQ, they should revert some nerfs like lucio. I still love him though but the power of speedboost is kind a gone.


What orbs are you talking about?


Reaper had healing orbs before the life steal. he picked them up and it healed him for 75 to 100 hp


I agree with the original post, reaper,mei and symmetra abilities are broken thanks to the new targetting system. Can you like… test stuff before you just suddenly add stuff to the game, im sure there are alot of people who would enjoy being beta testers for patches like these…


So the topic is about the new placement changes with reaper teleport, symm tp, mei wall (prefer edges instead of going as far as possible)

I haven’t yet had a chance to test them but it didn’t sound like the greatest idea…