Reasons to uninstall

and tell Blizzard to go shove this game in the bin.

Balance - nope
OP Heroes - nope
the player base - 100% yes.

Every single issue with this game boils down to the players. Hackers, throwers, smurfs all player,

If a hero is truly op, they exploit it and shut up.

But if you are a dumb ass that can’t tank that is a bigger issue than Mei’s wall being a little bit too strong (that’s usually because your team doesn’t focus it anyways).

You wan’t to fix ranked… easy. Just make it deathmatch. Turn off all self healing, and remove health packs. Make everyone 300hp and go nuts. Oh, and turn all comms off as pretty much everyone playing this game just spends the whole typing bollocks or racist comments anyways (waiting for the EU legislators to actually take action on games devs for this, as they don’t do enough to act on racism).