Remove Lootboxes and implement a shop


We all know that lootboxes are basically gambling to possibly get something out of it. The fact that this game has an underage player base means they are introducing children to the pleasures of gambling.

Lootboxes are fine on level-ups I agree since its random loot but when you are able to buy lootboxes instead of what you want, it is not that good.

Most players don’t like lootboxes anyways because it just impedes you from getting the skin or customisation feature you want for a certain character.

Implement a shop system in which people can buy skins, sprays etc with real currency or at least give us the option to buy in-game currency instead of just having a chance to get it.

Overwatch league points are just as bad tbh, you get 1 skin for 5gbp. A recolour of the default skin with some random team’s emblem on it. Now, I don’t know about you but I would not pay 5gbp just to buy some horrible blue skin.

Implement a real shop system because Lootboxes are just greedy and selfish. I mean you are already losing money with lootboxes since countries like Belgium have banned them. It would be in your best interest to implement this system because players in those countries would be able to pay for extra things instead of being impeded by the lootbox ban.

Please just get rid of them and stop wasting your communities money!



Not true. If it was like that, no one would buy lootboxes, so, there would be no monetization in that feature, and company would remove it …
Activision is all about microtransactions. Reportedly, Bungie had to go because of that policy … who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The point is not to buy lootboxes, and saying that then games such as TF2, and their servers are still up and running. Lots of games have a shop system instead of lootboxes and they are doing fine.


Overwatch lootboxes are ok.
Rest of the gameing world once aren’t, so lets go complane there.


Lootboxes are lootboxes. It does not matter what game they are for.


It does matter how they are implemented through.
In overwatch you’ll get a legendary (at worst) on the 20th lootbox. (ok)
In a game like hearthstone you’ll get a legendary on the 40th pack/box (Bad)
And in other games lootboxes can only by opened by adding real money in to the game, and the % chance for the rare items is a joke on top of not having a pity timer like overwatch. If you think this loot boxes suck wait until you play an EA game.


EA games are irrelevant as they are not owned by Blizzard. It doesnt matter how “good” the lootboxes are compared to other games the thing is they could actually just scrap it and give you money after every match in which you save up or they could keep lootboxes on levels but sell money or the items themselves with currency or irl money. It would be a lot more effective and will prevent people from wasting their money.


I dont know, have never wasted money on loot boxes and i have nearly all the loot box items on 5 different accounts.
My problem is with payd only skins: Pink mercy, Esport Genji & Tracer, Blizzcon Winston, Headhunter Sombra etc. Its hard to own this skins if you have multy accounts. SInce some of them are worth 50 euro, at this point this game isnt worth 50 euro in its self. Not to mention how my new accounts are missing Legacy skins like Noire Widowmaker.
And lootboxes are made in a way to encourage play time especially on events. They dont force you to spend money on them at all.


Probably because they have no choice?

Oh look I only have 3k coins but I want all of the new legendary skins! I can’t be bothered to grind, I have a life, guess I will roll the dice and hope I get the skins I want or I accumulate enough coins to buy the skins I want while I play the game.


People do the mistake of wasting currency on normal loot box items. And thats pointless since sooner or later you will own all the normal lootbox items from the lootboxes them self without having to craft anything.
Personally the only time i waste currency is on events and at that point i have like 10-20k waiting to be spend on the last day of the event.


Or maybe people don’t have the time to play 24/7 and accumulate 10k coins?



Yeah unlock not craft. My bad.
And you dont need to play 24/7, since i have everything on 5 accounts it will be 5 times faster to unlock it in on just one acc.
Sooner or later you will own all the normal lootbox items and get only currency from the normal lootboxes. That makes farming for stuff x10 times more easy, and forsure it will make everyone who donated for skins to regret that. Just play the game, you’ll unlock everything sooner or later is my main point you dont need to give up on life. Its surprisingly easy tbh. I’d waste money on account but never on lootbox stuff anyways.




Lootboxes are not gambling by any definition, please stop saying this. If you oppose a system you can do so without lying about it’s basic nature.

Lootboxes are fine, if you don’t want to buy them exercise the most basic degree of restraint and don’t! It’s not hard. Imagine going into a shop and demanding they stop selling a certain shirt because you think it’s overpriced. Then you demand that they not give the shirts away for free either, because it’s arson (or some other thing it clearly isn’t). Just don’t buy them! It’s not that hard, you don’t buy things all the time. I’m so tired of this nontroversy trying to criminalise a certain monetisation scheme.


Art3mis with the perfect arguments against lootboxes, all boiled down.

It is gambling - you put in currency and you either get a worthless or next to worthless output or an output that’s worth more than the currency you put in. That’s gambling. Belgium agrees with you and the UK Gambling Commission agree with that.

You talk about buying a shirt - well that’s what a shop would be. A lootbox would be trying to buy a shirt, paying for it and getting a random shirt from a box. Sure, you could always not buy it, but the shop has tons of nice shirts and doesn’t sell any of them without a game of chance.

As to the “most basic degree of restraint”, that’s easy to say. Some people are more susceptible to those sort of things, do you enjoy exploiting them? I was always good at Maths, but I would have never gone around demanding harder exams so I could feel more powerful in comparison to the other students.


It’s not gambling, gambling is defined most generally as taking a risk to get a potential reward. There is no risk, and the reward is guaranteed. That is what we call “selling things”. I don’t care how many government agencies think it qualifies (since they’ll do whatever the money tells them to do), it does not meet any definition. You are welcome to try to redefine the word to include all instances of selling goods if you’re really desperate.

A lootbox already has a real world counterpart: a goodie bag. We give them to kids. You don’t know what will be inside, but you aren’t “gambling” are you? No, and no one would be silly enough to suggest it. It’s like going into a shop, asking for a random shirt, and then getting one. You didn’t ask for a shirt and get a different product, you got exactly what was requested. Actually since you get lootboxes for free it’s more like going to a charity shop to buy a shirt.

Anyone incapable of not purchasing things that are put in front of them has a serious brain problem and should get help from a licensed physician. It’s not exploitation to sell alcohol just because some people are addicted to it, it’s not exploitation to sell food just because some people are fat.


opened 45 halloween lootboxes last junkenstien event and only got 1 standard loot table legendary for zarya…

i was so disgusted that i don’t even bother opening them anymore… its just a waste of time


So proability is on point then. People actually underestimate probability. Your chance of getting a legendary lootbox is 1 out of 13. This doesn’t mean that you will get a legendary lootbox every 13 lootbox.

In actuality, to get almost a guarantee to get at least one legendary lootbox, you need to open at least 51 of them. This can be calculated using advanced probability calculations.


on point or not, its disgusting, predatory and has no place in a triple A paid for Release such as this… cosmetic or otherwise


So you would prefer to pay over 10 dollars for a legendary item, wouldn’t you?