Removed for inactivity vs derankers

Yay, I should probably have known better, and this is more a rant than anything else. But I just got removed for inactivity because we were up against a deranking team who were just peeking out of the spawn every now and then to cheat the timer. As I didn’t do any damage whatsoever to them, I suddenly got the timer warning and couldn’t do anything at all about it, since the enemy was hiding in their spawn. After the timer painfully slowly ticked down, I was removed from the game with a 15 minute ban and a 50 SR penalty.

Needless to say I reported them all (had a discussion with some team members on chat about it, they said I shouldn’t “act so high and mighty” and they were glad they got the free SR). Right now I feel punished for trying to do the right thing.

I know I am not going to get the 50 sr back, I just needed to vent about it. How can I avoid getting kicked out the next time this happens? I guess it was because I wasn’t doing any damage at all to them when they were peeking out of spawn?

Yeah I can imagine this would be exceptionally annoying.

The system is a little over zealous, but at least it works… Someone’s doing nothing, they get removed. Obviously this is a rare occurrence where innocent people are also caught out.

I don’t think there is anything you can do. But the enemy should get booted too unless they tactically work it.

I get that. It’s just sooooo annoying, I had to log off for a bit even if there wouldn’t be a 15 minute suspension, I was so tilted. Guess I needed to vent a bit.

I do think they tactically worked that, I was just too caught up in the discussion to take advantage of the moments when they peeked out. I am somewhat annoyed that the people cheering about getting free SR and insulting me about wanting to report them got away free and are probably laughing hard at my expense right now.

It was a payload map, so in the first round I was actually on the payload, I guess that counts more towards activity as well.

Oh well, I reported them all and I sincerely hope something is done about it.

People get SR desperation.

They think gaining a little makes them suddenly better players. Sadly for them, they’ll lose it just as quickly with that attitude.

Reporting is the only thing you can do.

As tempting as might be, telling people you are going to report someone isn’t worth the effort. Technically it falls under “abusive chat” in itself, so the donuts deranking could easily just report you too.

Didn’t tell them, was a discussion over team chat after I said “well, just mass report them guys”. Didn’t want to report the others on my team I had a discussion with since they were doing nothing wrong (apart from disagreeing with me but that’s, of course, subjective :smile: )

In any case, being removed because you’re not damaging the enemy (or, probably, healing your teammates) is a bit over the top if you are actually moving around, just because of situations like this. I guess it will make deranking a little easier without this feature, as you can just enter a game and get a cup of coffee, but still - and I most likely just say this with some bias because it just happened to me - it seems to hurt the innocent more.

Annoyingly, soliciting people to report others isn’t seen in a good light. Even if, as in this case, it is perfectly justified.

Always better to just report, say nothing, move on.

Yeah, it’s very harsh on you. But there was a wave of players using bots to lvl accounts. Or controlling 2+ accounts at one time, so they needed to do something harsh to deal with that.

Luckily, what you’ve experienced is incredibly rare. As annoying as it is.