Rendering device has been lost


Oh Great! I’m happy it did :slight_smile:


Just thought that I may chip in here to help with the bugfixing.

  • I never had this issue with OW before
  • I have RTX2080 and always installed newest drivers
  • Two days ago I got a new monitor. Before I had 75hz connected by HDMI, changed it to 144hz connected by DisplayPort. No additional software or drivers installed. I enabled FreeSync in the Nvidia settings panel.
  • Since monitor changed my OW started to crash every few games with the “Rendering device has been lost” error. No other changes to system were made aside from that monitor thing.
  • Crash ALWAYS happens on the pre-match character selection screen OR on the post-match transitions between victory screen, PotG and cards screen. NEVER during actuall match.
  • So far no issues with other games but I need to play them a bit more to be sure.


Thank you for your post, Awe!
Could you please check also the steps that were already suggested in this thread? This error can have several potential causes (drivers, software conflict, overlays, temperatures and so on), it’s very important that you try and exclude as many as possible.

Please make also sure you add a link to your DxDiag and MSInfo files, as Neny requested here.

Does the issue persist if the FreeSync is disabled?
What monitor you had before and what mark/model you switched to?

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rendering device has been lost

I currently have a RTX GTX 2080 and a i7 9700k with 16GB rams.

This only happens to me the first game everytime i start. But its still annoying. Kindest regards


Im same problem to old PC and new PC
old i7 4790k 1070GTX Win10 16gb Ram
new i9 9900k RTX2080 Win10 16gb Ram
all game run ok WoW Destiny2 etc … and Overwatch … BAM… RENDERING DEVICE HAS BEEN LOST


I have the exact same setup and spec and I have had this message constantly.

I have had a look around online and it just seems that its bad code from Blizzard’s side, I run quite a few other high FPS games with no issue, its only Overwatch that is effected.

The best fix at present is to just avoid OW until they have fixed the issue (dont expect this any time soon though)


Since I upgraded my pc to a RTX 2080 (from gtx 1060) this is happening every other game. I love Overwatch but this make the game unplayable. Competitive is all about getting back to where I was before I crash. I never had this problem with the 1060…


Guys, when posting in an active thread, please make sure you indicate all troubleshooting steps you already tried - for example, have you tried the ones listed here?

Additionally, please add links to your DxDiag and MSInfo files. Both can be uploaded to Pastebin, to add them to your reply, just highlight them and use the </> button.

Thank you!

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