Report leavers in a new catogory

This post in not to rant about leavers, rather a way for blizzard to improve their system.

Blizzard is trying hard to balance and improving their game.
We might not agree on some fronts (if you check forums or youtube vids) but
Blizzard is clearly doing something

The thing that is hard to manage is the human factor.
You might have the best system in the world but due to people influencing the system it could simply break and people will regard it as the worst system ever.

A big problem I see and hear from other people is that there are too many leavers ruining the competive ranking.
It’s a team game and having a person less could make a huge impact on your team performance.

My feeling says to season ban leavers in competitive…but that is perhaps not the correct way to proceed.
1st of all, Blizzard need to analyze these “incidents” before they can flag it as a “problem” (these is servicedesk jargon…that’s why i put the “”)

Game sabotage can imply alot of thing so I would suggest a new catagory
"leaver"which is only available when you do competitive.

This would give Blizzard more insight with all the data they can get and verify.
If it realy is a problem …then they can take steps to resolve this.

If you like the suggestion to implement this new catogory for improvement, please support this post.


Leave twice in the same week? Week-long competitive ban.
Two week bans in a season? Season ban.
Two season bans in a row? Permanent competitive ban.

The sooner we get these people out of the game the better it’s going to be.

And we should get rid of the SR penalty for leaving. Leaving isn’t a lack of skill, and it just pushes leavers into the lower ranks, punishing new players. Instead players should be matched with similar endorsement levels. The worse you behave, the worse matches you get. Kinda like a quarantine for bad players, endorsement level 0. If you leave you get put down a full level. That isn’t a problem for players who get disconnected accidentally, but if you leave matches deliberately you’ll quickly get filtered out.


Must say this leavers is bothering me more and more every day.

I’m mostly not so focal about it but this leavers problem made me post on the forms.

I agree with both persons above me. It should be made easier to report them
and instead of only a SR penalty that frequent leaver get in there own bracket to play.

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How would they know if the leaver did it on purpose or if it was a connection issue? I’ve witnessed in-person two of my friends suddenly and unexpectedly having their internet crash in the middle of a game. The power could suddenly go out, too. I’ve had a game where two teammates disappeared and reentered the game a couple of minutes later because they had connection issues. Another where a player on the enemy team left, came back a couple of minutes later, and then disappeared once more.

Can Blizzard tell the types of ‘leavers’ apart? I’m not sure, but I’ve never looked into it either. :frowning:

Being paired up with people on a similar endorsement level sounds interesting, though!

If it happens to someone, they should fix the problem and not play comp till it is fixed… So if they have 1 dc, they will have no penalty. If they keep playing and keep dcing, then the ban is well deserve because they ruin the game for their 5 teammates

Something like issues with internet connection is probably not the player’s fault. It might go away within seconds, or a day, etc. I do agree that repeated leavers, be it their intention or not, need to recognize that they’re compromising other people’s gameplay — if I’m having problems with my latency and/or fps crashing I will avoid comp until I’m confident that it’s back on track — but going to an extreme of ‘leaving twice in the same week’ getting a player a week-long competitive ban (and so on) like a previous poster suggested is way too extreme, so that’s where I directed my concern.

If the problem is consistent and the player in question is aware that it might happen during their next match, then yes, they should have more consideration for the rest of the team and avoid placing them in that situation. I sure as hell hated it when we suddenly lost both our healers, even if they explained that it was because of connection issues.

This topic is not about the actions Blizzard could take.
It’s about pinpointing out a problem or rather let Blizzard take some action to confirm it’s a problem.

If you are talking about if it’s possible to see if you have person who disconnects or a leaver, there are easy ways for blizzard to check, it won’t cover all the options a person can do to fake it…but most options can be traced.
(I will not tell in this post how it can be traced…that would give bad people an idea …a Blizzard employee can contact me if they don’t know how to do it…but i am sure they know how)

In your example you mentioned dc-ing twice a week…ofc. that would be stupid to season ban.
But if you dc ALOT more then that on a regular base…it’s more a question why you would go play ranked and mess up other people 's ranking
(it’s like you have a broken legg and you still claim your place in a competetive soccer game…you can do it but it’s a huge disadvantage)

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I think a new category " leaver" could indeed make it easier for Blizzard to pinpoint the actual problem. Too bad if one DC’s but as TigerLilly says, don’t play competetive untill your internet problems are solved, if u DC too often. How to quantify too often? Maybe e new topic? :wink:


Agreed with “leaver” category, however, blizzard already know leavers and how often they leave, because, well they leave (or drop down by some reason) from game. However leaver category would help, because now reporting by people about leavers will separate several categories.

Giving ban, I don’t agree, because that may hit too hard from they who didn’t rage quit e.g. but leave because of connection issues, or computer issues, or life happens.

Instead I suggest as penalty for leavers in competitive to win few games on QuickPlay, and it needs to be wins, because you have to play then and try to win to find your way back to the competitive, you just can’t idle or sabotage QP:s to get back competitive. And if you leave again with in day, double games needed to win before you can participate comp. And if you get “leaver” status like for a month or season or what ever time, and keep doing that, just double again QP wins needed to join comp.

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DrJones…what do you think of my argument when i compare it to competitive soccer ?

Totally agree, it’s >95% change to loss when someone leaves your team. And all others on leavers side will loose some XP.

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