"Server closed due to an unexpected error" - Really?!

I’ve been struggling with progressing, constantly ending up in very low performing teams. But tonight, I ended up in a really good team, and we played round one very well.
Exactly when the doors opened to the attackers spawn, boom!
“Server closed due to an unexpected error”.

Did this happen to anyone else? And how frequent.

Because I’m fed up with all the glitches, bugs, issues and challenges that make progressing in pugs next to impossible in this game.

Some of them being:

  • Low performing team mates.
  • Playing in pugs against premades
  • Smurfs
  • Disconnects
  • Leavers
  • Bots

And the most annoying of them all; Players who throw and then say “Chill, it’s just a game”. After all, there is a mode called “Unranked” where “chilling” belongs.


Directly after the game, I checked replays.
The game was there, as a “draw”, and I copied code to share, and put the code in this post. Now, after I wrote this post, the replay is gone.


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When the server has an issue and kicks everyone, yes. Not often but it’s happened a few times.

Don’t play a live service game. It’s just an excuse for them to push out unfinished products and make the players pay from development.

Server crashes always end in a draw as every is removed. And the codes gone because there was probably a patch.

All this post is a bait