Server selectors, just like any other E-Sports game

Server selector, please add. every competitor to overwatch has it. Apex, Valorant, PUBG, CS(kind of through a slider).

there are a lot of us playing from certain locations in the world or just simply living in farms or rural Areas outside of cities who have subpar connections and simply cannot play in certain servers.

As an example, when i get a match in the server GEW3 or GEN1 the game becomes completely unplayable. ping goes to 230 and IND 85 ! or sometimes game randomly puts me in NA or EU server and i gotta deal with that…

Just give us the option, doesnt need to guarantee that we’d get the server but at least a high prio would be nice.

Just look at the discord server or GitHub for the overwatch server blocker app (THAT NO LONGER WORKS) and you see thousands of members there. a lot of people clearly want this. its not okay for blizzard to ignore minorities like this.

I have to disagree with you, the reason is simple, many people will go to EU or NA, so the balance in the game of matchmaking and time queue will be ruined by 175%

playing through VPN since they removed region selection back in OW1