Should Bastion be a tank?


So as we all know dubble barrier is a meta at the moment and Bastions Is supporting this. I would like to see bastion as a tank that will counter other tanks

I would suggest
A mini barrier with 100 health in turret form for more survivability
[like in beta]
His Minigun bullets to spred out more Being more effective to barriers than skinny hitbox’s Bastions overall health not changing

Sheild will regenarate out of turret mode or using repair
Any other suggestions?


Bastion is one of the counters to double barrier. He just wouldnt work as a tank


Bastion had shield and higher dmg which was removed at some point, higher spread would make it good only against shields from close range, otherwise it would suck and no-one would play it anyways. Now you have Orisa, which is tank bastion and everyone plays her, so imagine second tank like this. I would not try to fix the balance via introducing more crazy off-balance characters. Reduce shield re-creation rate for Orisa and all will be better, Sigma stands no chance against Rein.


Bastion is in no way a tank, he is LITERALLY a giant gun. Can’t get more DPS than that.


Instead of bullets he should start shooting tiny shields #MakeBastionTank


Nah, his damage output would be outrageous as a ‘tank’.


One of the worst suggestions I’ve heard to this date. I would personally only play Bastion if this turned out to happen. A tank hero that is actually fun to play - count me in! My old joke when I picked Bastion as 6th DPS and people told me to go tank was “Bastion literally turns into a tank when he ults”. We then proceeded to stomp the enemy team until they realized that Zenyatta is in the game.