Sigma does waaaaay too much dmg


When i get him in mh i always end up with gold eliminations. I love to play him cause of all he does, but honestly the dmg is just too much, or maybe it’s not the damage but the actual spread of it. Either way it’s frustrating to play against and feels like cheap ”wins” in eliminations.

But this is just my opinion. And i usually don’t complain about the heroes (except for the range of moiras dmg beam) but encountering good sigmas in mh makes me wanna altf4.

Am i mistaken or aren’t tanks supposed to make way and soak up damage? With Sigma it feels like he is more dps than a tank, a dps with a shield.

Oh and before all these ”learn to play/counter him, noob” and so on, if that was the case i would be doing that instead of complaining i’m not stupid or born 10-15 years ago like most of you (not calling u kids stupid either just know it’s a fact that the brain isn’t fully developed until age of 25 plus you all lack lots of life experience hence not being too bright. And yes i’m generalising here, if u get offended well bohoo)


When i get him in mh i always end up with gold eliminations. I love to play him cause of all he does, but honestly the dmg is just too much,

Agree they should move him to the dps bracket - he has better/easier dps then many pure dps heros.


that would be stupid.
also damage is not important what counts is ilimination…
you can get tons of damage by spamming damage at shields to no effect what so ever or by just bruising people slightly…

tanks do need to be able to do a bit of damage to actually command space…

If any heros should be moved then i would argue that mei could be moved to a tank slot since she arguablly functions very much like one…

with some tweaking she would fit better as tank then as dps

the hero damage stat specifically is worth more but again if you just scratch and there is no follow up to get an elimination then its of dubious value…

that said sigma often can get a good finish… and he can lay down a detering line of fire around corners stoping flankers…

but he is very vunerable to beam weapons…

like if he is facing a Zarya and Symetra and a mei that is pretty much him f¤%#d


He does alot of damage that’s true but so does Orisa - hog - zarya if used correctly in a team. It’s more the damage soak + his shield in combined with his damage which makes him seem OP


lol @ Orisa doing more damage


Did I say more damage? I said Alot of damage which is true


Eliminations are gained as soon as you assisted someone or dealth just 1 point of damage to the dead target.

Damage is not counted, when it is done to shields, damage is only counted, when it hits healthpools, this was changed a long time ago.

Yes, but the problem isn´t so much that they do “too” much damage, it is the fact, they do a lot of damage, while having all the aspects of a tank and unlike rein isn´t hindered by range at all (Orisa) and Sigma is only limited to 20 yards, which is plenty for all most all fights and still leaves him at the highest amount of damage in the game.


note the sigmas projectile have an optimal range once you get closer or further away he become less effective… i assuime deflection will be effected by that too.

basically sigma is very vunerable to being rushed down by beam weapons as no matter how fast you repositiuon that shield it will be an issue…

you can probably dive him pretty well too… assuming your ready to stop fireing… like wait for him to use his cooldown before spaming rocket with and winston melts him either way…

also if he is moving his shield he probably isent fireing that much… if he is absorbing then he certainly isnt fireing but he can quickly cancle that for an acression disc so that something to keep in mind…
over all i think he is farily balanced.


Sure you can feel that all you like, facts are straight the opposite though, Sigma with Orisa is extremely unbalanced and all ranks are in a state of wacky changes as such in response to them dominating.


At least it seems you’re on the good way. :smiley:


I wonder how good shields would be if 3 or more DPS are allowed. I remember so many games back then when DPS were running circles around our Rein and I had to repeatedly ask the guy to go Winston(or switch to Winston myself cause before you could do that even if you start off as a support).


I have about 2000 hours in the game and I never played a single game where 3 dps wouldn’t have been throwing.

There are issues with double shields atm (mainly how they make most of the dps cast poor picks) but letting people play three shield tanks is not an option.