Silver 2 tank (me) matched with a platinum 4 support (not in a group) 😩

I’ve been getting some seemingly really unbalanced games of role queue competitive recently (and quick play too) so I started asking others their ranks at the start/end of a match and in one competitive game I was playing (as a silver 2 ranked tank) with a platinum 4 ranked support teammate. This was confirmed when they accepted my friend request and I checked their profile.

Wtf is going on here?! I’m also even lower rank in support (bronze 1) so it can’t be related to the game considering that somehow. In my opinion, this mismatch is unacceptable even for quick play but this was in a competitive match so this is downright awful! I don’t know what ranks the other players in the game had but to me it strongly suggests that the matchmaking algorithm is doing a bad job and that this is the main reason why I’m getting so many frustrating games. Maybe the algorithm considers putting 1 silver tank, 2 gold dps, and 2 platinum supports as balanced if they play against an opposing team that has a similar average MMR. The game is obviously not as simple as that and it must be so frustrating for players (like the plat 4 support) to be matched in competitive games with others like me who are far below their skill level, and plus of course I get grief from them as they expect a higher ability.

For what it’s worth, and for those about to tell me to “git gud”, I’m also getting competitive games where my team is thrashing the opponents and I don’t particularly love those games either. Well, I mean it’s a little fun at times I guess and I’d obviously prefer it to being thrashed, but when I know it’s probably due to a matchmaking mess up, it’s not really that satisfying.

I know many people are critical of OW2’s matchmaking and, like many of them, I would personally far rather wait quite a lot longer to get into a game if I knew it was going to be fair.

Just going off the title.

You silver tank.

The enemy would have had a silver tank too.

Supports are irrelevant, it is role matched. Your team would of had a plat support too.

Irrelevant? This support player was expected to keep a much lower ranked tank alive. Do you think that this allows for a satisfying fun game experience at a competitive level? It likely results in huge frustration and often a toxic team chat.

The fact that ranks are not displayed at the start of the match (presumably because if they were, many would be outraged at the disparity across roles) makes things even worse as nobody even knows what to expect from their teammates in advance.

Could of been a silver support. The job would still be the same.

It’s fine to disagree with their system. But I just explained it is, not gave my opinion.

As in, it could have been a silver support with a platinum tank? My points are valid either way around.

I appreciate you explaining the system as I didn’t know that’s how it worked. I now just think that the system is dreadful and I don’t understand why anyone would actually prefer it like this rather than one involving a longer queue time for a match where everyone is a similar rank. I could understand how some might think this is fine for quick play (although I think a silver<->platinum disparity is too much even for that) but this is a competitive format!

It’s clear that PvE is not going to be a big focus for this game in the future, so now it seems time for Blizzard to take competitive PvP seriously. I think you could ask 90% of the player base what they’d think of silvers and platinums being together in the same lobby and they’d think it was a joke.

Could have been.

But the other team would of had very similar.

I personally think it’s ok, considering what it used to be. If you had a plat player on your team so would they… But the role was irrelevant.

So you could have a plat Mercy one trick in a silver game against a plat DPS player.

Well it certainly sounds better that it at least considers the role now but that doesn’t mean it’s ok imo. I still think it’s v bad to allow such rank disparity at all, for the reasons I outlined already. Surely it can’t be that hard to find some silver or low gold support players to play with me at 10pm? I’d literally rather queue for twice as long or even longer to avoid situations like that.

Even if it did work out ok for balance (and I really don’t think it does), from an enjoyment perspective, I really don’t want to play with players ranked so much higher than me for games that affect ranking and I’m pretty sure a lot of them don’t want to play with me either.

It probably isn’t. But then you have to factor in a huge number of other things, such as groups.

It could be better, I agree. But it isn’t bad. Certainly works as they intended. But there is no perfect solution.

The whole point is you either improve and climb or just vibe with it and have fun.

I disagree in that I think that it is bad and I know many others feel the same and would be happy for the more “perfect” solution to be implemented in the form of longer queue times. Have Blizzard confirmed that this is working “as intended”? Have they stated that they think it’s acceptable to have a rank difference between players as large as silver 2 and plat 4 in a competitive game? I wasn’t playing in a group so if matching with groups involved is so difficult (which I don’t see how it can be due to the restrictions they place on rank disparity between group members), just put me in a game with no groups! Overwatch 2 is a massive game with many many players so I would be very surprised if this was not possible within 5-10mins or so of waiting for a game given how many other players would be queuing to play at that time.

I created this post to provide some evidence, and to express my opinion that this is not good enough. Even if I “improve and climb”, it will still be frustrating for me to be matched with much lower ranked players on my team and maybe losing to them making the kind of rookie mistakes that I make right now. If I want to “vibe with it and have fun”, I would turn to quick play which surely seems like the whole point of that mode. It feels like you want to just keep telling me that it could be worse and that I need to put up with it which of course is untrue; I don’t. I can honestly see myself getting more and more frustrated with OW2 and gradually stop playing it and I imagine this might be the case for many others. So I made this post in the hope that someone from Blizzard will see it and it might help persuade them to take some action towards fairer and more balanced competitive matches.

Yes yes and yes.

Silver 2 to play 4 is 1800sr to 2600 in old money.

That was fine in OW1. It’s fine now.

I don’t know anything about the OW1 experience but it’s clearly not “fine” now for a lot of people (including myself, friends, streamers that I’ve watched, etc.) in terms of the how fun and enjoyable the experience is in what is supposed to be a competitive format that people will naturally care quite a bit about the outcome. It causes some very frustrating and imbalanced games for both the higher ranked and lower ranked players. All the points I’ve made still stand about being able to achieve more balanced games with longer queue times.

The limits and rules are the same.

We now just have silly divisions instead of SR from 500-5000.

After bronze 5, every division is 100sr.

So whilst the new system is terrible looking and panders to the lowest common denominator… It’s technically no different.

Its not like this wet wipe says. Ive literaly been in lobbies where there has been a gold 1 tank vs bronze 1 tank.

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The other tank would have been the same MMR / similar rank though.

They were probably stacked with someone else in the lobby too.