Smurfs and how to deal with them

Hi everyone. I know that we already have a lot of topics about that kind of people. And in the topics a lot of smurfs protectors are comming and Blizzard doesn’t want to deal with that they just ignore us and is trying to get much money from additional accounts. We are defenseless against “masters of low ranks”. So I propose to stop nagging about that and just stand up and fight manualy with tool that we already have for current moment.

The solution is: Report that unfair (from my personal opinion) players as “Account booster”. The reason why it is fair play because we don’t have any possibility to find that smurf is in group with someone else.

Yes I know that can invite person into group while ranked. If user is in party you will get an error about that. Unless user is in a group you will have an error that you can’t invite him in ranked. But Player can leave group after match has been started.


That is what Blizzard have repeatedly asked players to do.

Report for throwing
Report for boosting

DO NOT report because you THINK someone is a smurf, because you will almost certainly be wrong.

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I am not going to discuss that already. I’ve wasted to much time for that. I don’t care about Blizzard points and opinion any more. They do nothing to at least try to solve the problem. The main reason is just that people buys a lot of Overwatch copies and they try to protect them (not directly of cause).

Please go read the annual statements and tell me how much they make from new accounts (I know the answer btw).

They act on reports, so report people who throw games and report people who are clearly boosting accounts.

BTW. I forgot to mention that I am using: “Cheating: Account boosting”

It isn’t cheating as such. Just report for gameplay sabotage and you’re fine.

They get banned if they are reported enough.

Gameplay sabotage? I am not really sure about that. If they will not play for few hours in game they can go to another account, right? How will help that?

That is the same for any ban.

You can only report for what you see. If someone is throwing, or someone is boosting, they are sabotaging the game. Report them for that and move on.

Anyway account boosting is more than just a game sabotage. I’ve described my opinion here:

This. Although I don’t know how to report for boosting, because how do you prove that?

But this also means reporting people for throwing when they do it as a complete 6 stack and give you free SR. And this is something most people probably won’t do - because why report something that benefits yourself?

Oh really?What if I have broather ,but he ain’t that good ,ofc I will play on his account and try the best. Either ‘‘smurfs’’ can be on your said and opposite side as well,so u can’t say ‘‘I always playing vs smurfs’’ I get them in mine team and in opposite as well.Game is about to play with friends I don’t think your solution will bring something good or change someting ,its acutually abit against the game ,since I came in Overwatch game it’self and random players told me to play with a friends …

Smurf accounts aren’t against the rules

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Blizzard dont ignore them if it actually there actually is a violation of the rules but the peoblem is ther isnt the truth is your just bad and tries to blame it on smurfs cause your not willing to learn from your mistakes and improve at the game

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cringe post just be the smurf instead