Smurfs at 3k are a problem


Smurfs in 3000 - 3.2k SR is just so more common now, I literally game up against 10 yesterday in 15 games, Like come on guys xD


I did notice a lot of potential smurfs yesterday I must admit.

But what I did find was these weren’t necessarily players that were playing on their main hero’s but just playing off hero’s, and some of them really weren’t that good tbh


Did they admit to being smurfs?
A decent gamer with some FPS experience can easily place into high platinum/low diamond and start climbing.
And Overwatch is far from being an unforgiving and harsh experience for new players.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any smurfs out there just that perhaps not every low level at 3k~ SR is a smurf.


You just say what their main is and they just go “4200” or whatever, and they are always queued with their platinum friend, trying to boost them

It is rather annoying, watching a level 25-60 tracer just one clipping all the squishes in my team, and I encountered this in 10 games at 3.1k and today I have had 4 in 8 games, it just goes to show that their definitely a smurf problem at the minute, is GM games really that dead?


Oh, that bad huh? Fair enough.

I have no love for smurfs but it’s hard to do anything about them without damaging the experience for everyone else.
Maybe locking your account to a phonenumber and those without a number get to play in their own league? But that could drastically lengthen the queue times… but might also help with cheaters.

Hard to say!


When im home i can try and post the screnshot here.

2 Days ago i had a great game aswell, me and my premade were the only ones with 1 star + in that game :slight_smile:

Rest was ~lvl 25-50 talking in match chat about why they would even try, game is full of smurfs anyway.



That’s a fair point, but as a player who’s spent most of their time between 3-3.4k, I’ve only met two people that were sub level 100 and actually new to the game.