Soldier 76 urgently needs a damage buff


Some better healing wouldn’t make him a healer. It would make him a DPS with utility, which is more valuable than just pure damage. Just look at any other MOBA, the cores that get used are generally the ones that offer something more than only damage. Ideally, any DPS hero would offer a useful balance between damage and utility - where does with higher utility are generally more difficult to play (because they require proper cooldown usage, positioning, awareness of their team and opponent, etc - not only aiming) with a higher benefit to their team.
Soldier’s healing already is an important part of his kit. If you don’t use it properly (check Overbuff how your healing is in comparison to other Soldiers), you should pick another hero.
Putting a higher emphasis on the utility of DPS heroes is a good decision. Hanzo’s new sonic arrow was probably the only good decision about Hanzo… well, ever. Sombra’s improvements to stealth and hack made her useful in pro play - because utility is good. And utility differentiates between what kind of utility you want and need. With DPS, there will always be someone on top, and balancing is futile.


Is the reason high rank sucks… Utility takes no skill to master… its just an excuse to give something a lot of value for nothing.
I’m not sure if you noticed but Stacking utility is OP and easy to abuse…
This game is working on taking utility away just like they took Syms team mate shield, torbs armor pack, doomfist cc, mercy mass rez etc etc. And every time they take utility away from something the next thing pops up… atm thats Lucios speed boost after they nerfd Zen and Mercy teamcomps. Im sorry but we have way to much utility atm that can be used in a team… Rein shield, Zarya bubbles, def matrix, Lucio speed boost, Zen discord orb and Brigs armor + the best ults = the best team comp…
Adding more to that won’t make the game better it will just make tank support teams better then they are…
Thanks to utility you just can’t play a shooting hero in 2019 anymore…
Like pros say “how dare he pick’d a shooting hero in a shooter”…
This game needs to get back to its core before apex steals all its players.
apex day one 50 mil + players…


Teleport is worst ability in the game :thinking::sob:


If you want a game without utility, just play any of the bog standard FPS games out there. OW has always been about abilties and utility. The game was always a hybrid between FPS and MOBA which is what makes it stand out.
Seriously, why don’t you just play a game that’s only pointing and clicking, since it seems to be the only thing you a) want to do and b) can do?


Abilities yes, Utility no. They themself are removing that after they saw it killd the game.

Everyone can play utility are you for real?
Not everyone can aim.
Why not play a moba if you hate aiming and shooting that much and love utility set ups.
Overwatch started as a good shooter that’s why it was goty.
Wan’t me to send you the SS of season 1 again to see what the people play’d before they killd it?

Why do you think they removed all this utility up until now? Because players always find a way to stack it…

I’ll make it more clear.

Mercy/zen meta 2 dmg boost utility. (gone)
Sym Tracer season 3 meta. (game had no hero limits at that time)
So just pick syms + a support and make the Tracers have like 400hp. (gone)
Then it was Sym torb combs that won nearly every low ranks. (gone)
Then you had your Sombra and Doomfist CC anti-goats comp. (gone)
And now you have goats with 6 utility base heroes dominating everything. (hopefully gone soon)
With all the utility nerfed its lucios, Rein, Zarya and D.vas time to be obnoxious abused. Brig/Zen are actually a an ok pick unless they are with goats , and once they are with them they are op.
Stacking utility is the easiest thing to abuse because it can’t be out playd.
Solo utility can be dealt with, stacking them can’t.

Can’t whait for OWL where Lucio will be most picked by far and finally get nerfed.


Completely agree with the guy here, it takes no real skill to stack up utility on top of each other… anyone can do that, however not everyone can aim… U nailed it when u said that utlity is just an excuse to give something too much value for nothing, let’s hope they make OW more skilled again and make it feel more like a shooter


Yet your stats clearly show how you don’t properly use the biotic field when you’re playing Soldier. Of course you can’t make a hero work if you’re unable to make the most out of a kit.


Myrion I agree more damage isn’t always the best solution but your ideas are just stupid. You might think it’s good but it’s not. Soldier is a flanker and his healing station is good for when he gets jumped by either DPS or Tanks. It does a very good job against that and it does not need to be changed at all. Besides that, we already have Lucio and Brig for AoE healing which should be their niche.

Also, he’s a DPS and changing Soldier so he’s more of a toolbox to the team will severely gut the fun factor in playing him and will put him even more in a spot where he has to shoot shields basically whole game long which is really boring. The changes you’re envisioning would maybe fit a tank or healer but not a DPS, especially not Soldier.

Personally I would say shields/armor and snipers are the current problem for Soldier. He can feel so useless when you’re shooting shields/armor whole game. Unless you have Dafran like aim, there’s also not a lot to gain in engaging a duel with a sniper because of the one shot or high body shot dmg they do.


Just to point out, i as well don’t think that more damage will help this game.
Power creeping DPS isn’t the thing to do.
Nerfing utility is much better and fair.


Ok fair but what about bringing Soldier back to 20 per shot instead of 19?


I don’t think S76 is bad because of his damage.
They are things that make him bad.
Like utility or the fact that he starts doing less DPS when he uses ult.
And in his ult, you can’t aim with helix rocket.
Because in his ult, the helix rocket will aim straight at a target. And if that target is moving it will miss 100% of the time. On top of that he can’t crit in his ult.
Maybe they just need to do something about his ult.
Since in the current Overwatch ult’s are the thing that wins games.

Maybe they can make his Helix rocket (auto target/don’t miss) in his ult or just give him an ult that doesn’t lower his dps.


I use biotic field when i have to, i don’t go into panic mode and put biotic when i take 30 damage or something and my healer is behind me… i have decent accuracy with soldier as well but yea, accuracy means nothing when u are shooting shields and when the enemy kills u in one hit due to the headshot from snipers… just more effective

Plus yea, the issue is clearly just me… i am unable to make the most out of that kit, even though no one plays soldier at a high level… but hey, all of those pros just don’t know how to make use of his kit … right? :wink:


Its not a surprising conclusion if you’ve been on this forum for some time. Some lower ranked players(lower, not low, don’t assume I am rank shaming here cause I am of a lower rank too) do seem to believe that they know better how a character should be played and how other characters should be countered then the pros. In theory a lot of things beat goats for example, if only the pros weren’t so stuck in their ways and instead tried something new.

Who needs them anyway, platinum players have a much clear mind about the game.


Doesn’t change the fact, that your healing is insanely low compared to other Soldiers. But then again, all your stats are bottom half apart from your objective time - so even with Soldier being underpowered, you still get less out of him than others.
Source: Your Overbuff page.


Theres a healing creep problem right now if you ask me.