Soldier 76 urgently needs a damage buff


Title, he deals terrible damage… other dps have single hit kill potential and he is just way too weak right now… Make him deal 21 damage / bullet or something i dont know… perhaps remove spread from his weapon for longer or something… idk what but u must buff him, he’s fallen behind way way too much.

His extra bullet before max spread was a nice thing to have but it hardly matters when very often u arent able to finish people off and they get healed negating everything u did… He seriously needs 21 damage / bullet or atleast his old 20… the dude deals bad trickle damage compared to the insane burst damage potential of other dps heroes

So yes, please buff him, Thanks


Is his dps bad or is he a victim of the meta? I feel like he’s more a victim of the meta than anything else.


He simply hasn’t kept up with the power creep… with a one shotting widow to a one hit headshot kill hanzo(who also has decent damage with storm arrow) and the new powerful dps ashe he has fallen behind pretty harshly…

It’s alright though, in many games old powerhouses fall behind the power creep… the difference is they GET BUFFED to keep up… the same thing is needed with soldier


Ummm how about armor. He stopped being a good DPS ever since Brigitte came into the game so his problem(and the game’s problem honestly) is armor.


Yea that too, too many reasons but the point im making is that dps(like ash for example) are way better than him atm as is obvious so he needs buffs


Yes, because their damage is burst so armor is not that good against them.

Is it me or making armor a thing was a big mistake? I don’t know.


If his damafe is so bad for you, then play another hitscan


What if i want to play him? :stuck_out_tongue:


soldier is not viable not because of his damage, but because of the huge sustain we have in the current meta, some might say he can’t confirm kills especially with the fact that helix rocket can’t go through shields


He maxes at 171 damage per second over medium range, that’s better than McCree. If you’re not doing a lot of damage it’s probably because you’re holding the button down. Soldier is well within the pack for damage output, and given his additional utility it seems fair that he’s lower down than heroes like Hanzo who have essentially no other value beyond DPS.


I would be happy if they buffed Soldier but 21 damage per bullet is way too much in my opinion even 20 may be op. I think good change could be to make the ult cast time shorter maybe from 1,4s to 1s + make his damage falloff smaller for example: max range damage from 9,5 currently to 11 or make his reload time shorter from 1,55s to 1,3s. Overall I think that soldier is effected by the mata and big changes could make him too powerfull.


Soldier is just terrible flanker its not he’s damage it’s that he just cant get a good position as fast as other heroes can, dive is simply better at flanking then Soldier who is also a flanker.


But McCree has less mobility and is picked way more.


He can flashbang and fan hammer things out of existance, helix don’t even compare :thinking::rofl::+1::fire:


Yea ok, don’t know why you brought up flankers tho, Reaper is a better flanker and he sucks at it.


30 bullet clip would be pretty nice. Or slightly shorter reload. Helps him shield break.

Atm he’s the hitscan hero with the hardest time with shields other than Mcree. But Mcree has better peel, anti flank and tank busting. And better at shield break of close shields like Winston.

Soldier doesn’t really have a niche which is understandable as a generalist hero. But overall he’s fallen too far behind what other heroes do well for him to be a good pick. I’d think a small change (like just one of reload while sprinting, faster reload, 1s lower cooldown on helix, 30 bullet clip size) will make a big difference.


I wouldn’t say soldier is bad as much as widow and hanzo just outclass him so damn much


This is the reason why the DPS role is in the stat it’s in. The solution to a DPS heroes issues always seems to be “more damage”, when clearly that’s never the smart way to go. We clearly need heroes with utility, and Soldier right now has at least a bit of utility that could make it feasible to run him instead of an off tank. If you want to make him more viable, grab him at this utility. Reduce the cooldown for his biofield, or make it throwable like Torb turrets. Maybe even sticky so you can throw it onto your main tank’s back.
You don’t like GOATS? Guess what, GOATS is successfull because all its heroes have “altruistic” kits. Their abilities benefit everyone on the team, not just yourself. Almost all DPS heroes have only “egotistic” kits, where it’s just about them, which inevitable is less good when you have a team that can exploit every last percent of value from altruistic abilities.

How to make Soldier viable? Reduce the CD of biofield by 2 seconds, make it throwable and able to stick to friendly heroes.


This is similar to mercy mains, they want mercy better but everyone says “Play another hero”. Play Ashe, she is really good.


So just keep him as a terrible DPS and make him a healer? lol… he is supposed to be a good DPS not the horrible joke we have right now due to the meta and armor stuff… he is a dps, people play him for dps, i want him as a solid dps, not a healer, atleast buff his clip size if nothing else or reduce the damage falloff at range or something