Sr gain/loss broken as hell

why is it that EVERY GAME I PLAY i lose more SR for a loss than i ever gain for a win? if i win i get like 10 15 SR and if i lose the match i lose 25 30 SR? every single time i been monitoring for the past 5 6 days and its every match! so winning 50 50 mean i keep loosing SR while in reality i should plateau…maybe i don’t understand SR ? can anyone explain this to me?

Have you paid attention to the average SR of your team and the opponents’? My theory is that as you reach the upper region of your rank, you get placed in a team that on average has lower SR than you, so you’re expected to carry or lose heavy SR. I’ve found it easier to rank up from low-anything to mid-anything (silver, gold & plat) than from high-anything to the next rank.

Various things could be happening:

  • you get really unlucky and the SR difference of both teams is high when you win and low when you lose (improbable)

  • the matches you won were close matches, while the losses were decisive

  • You’re not playing as well as the average player on that hero does. It’s not clear what datapoints Blizz counts as performance, but one thing that’s pretty certain is that your “time on fire” plays a role. As a rule of thumb: if you’re not on fire once during a round, you’re not playing the role effective enough.

yes, SR is a meme.
If you get 50/50 you should slowly rank up, I get 75/25 and I am literally not moving a single SR for 3 days str8.
SR difference is never more than ~~20-30 points.

I remember loosing 80sr for 1 loss once it was in the role que I was is utter disbelieve… then you get about 17sr for winning :expressionless:

I’d guess, with out knowing your skill or rank. That you placed a little higher than you actually should be and it is just adjusting you.

When people need to guess how the rating system works it’s not a good thing.
There are just too many factors the influence the system
(you could loose and go “down” with 0 Sr which is strange or win and get only 3 Sr even if your opponents average is way higher)

I think the system is complicated (just thinking about how they programmed it to calculate you Sr win/loss amount)
And i think they do it so people can’t sell boost to a certain rank (which is a good thing)

The already made a really good move that people can’t qeue with someone who is much much higher in Sr.
So why not follow up with an easy system that everyone can understand.

You win : you get 50 Sr
You lose: you lose 25 Sr
When it a draw : everyone stays on the same Sr as before the match.

The amount of Sr… is just an example but I think you get the point

(why win 50 and only lose 25…this is in case of leavers, feeders, throwers and dc’s so that you as player do not get that punished that hard if you have a case like i mentioned here)