Stalling is far too powerful


Seriously Hammond, Mei, DVA, Tracer, Moira, plus some other stupid crap. Too strong


It’s only a big problem on 2CP, which should be thrown in the garbage anyway.


Try out this amazing strategy: “shoot the enemies”. It’s extremely hard to stall an objective from inside your spawn room.


How to spot someone who doesn’t understand the dynamics of the problem.


The “problem” doesn’t exist, so you’re right that I don’t understand. Maybe try explaining where exactly you see an issue.


You seen Bob contest the point with no human players on? You seen Hamond Contest a point without even touching the ground? You seen Mei contest a point with an exploit with her wall?

I’m not saying it’s killing the game or anything, but stalling is a bit of a problem.


i agree that stalling is frustrating… but not so much a problem… as something that should’t exist

personally i don’t agree with “overtime” to the point that if overtime happens… i just give up because i don’t believe in it

if you can’t get the objective to the location, or capture it within the time limit… the game should end regardless of if you’re on the point or not… overtime just gives the team that should loose an opportunity to blow 6 ults and cap when they couldn’t for 5 minutes and elongates the match unnecessarily…

and the arguments consisting of “but meh… we were on the point we deserve to win”, or “you wouldn’t like loosing cause the time ran out”

i don’t care… if i can’t get my team to win the objective in the time allotted then i loose and i’m ok with that


Remember the fact, if you have more players on the Point (the number below overtime counts)
If you have more on the point, the longer you hold the advantage the longer the respawn timers. (capped somewhere but they respawn crazy slow)

I agree a bit, stalling has even his own comp.
But in the end, you kinda should be killing them 1by1 and if they retake controll its a huge thing for the defenders.

But yeah 2cp is not the funniest mode.


Winning 6 consecutive 6v1s isn’t that hard, unless your team plays badly. In turn, a team that efficiently picks stall heroes shows presence of mind, team work, dedication and a will to win. Having a mechanic that has a miniscule effect on the outcome of a game offers a higher overall skill cap. Can you rotate who goes on point when in order to juuuuuust contest at 99.9% so you can bring in 3 people in the next wave?


BOB is extremely vulnerable when alone just like any other DPS. Having lots of health really shouldn’t be an issue for you. Hammond is hard countered by CC and can easily be killed if you know how to track your targets; he’s no worse than a Pharah. You seem to just be complaining that you can’t play effectively, which is not proof of a problem with the game, it’s proof of a problem with your gameplay.

If you shoot the enemies you win. If you don’t, you’re gonna lose. But you’re right, better delete all the heroes you can’t play against because that’s how to balance a game.


I actaully enjoy 2cp maps the most. I just dont like to solo que and the deffend on them since when someone randomly over extents its over.