Stupid leaver and ranking system


Hi i play a lot of overwatch and i love the game! (most of the time) But today i encountered an extremely annoying problem that i have witnessed many times. I got into a competitve match and right when i got into the match the connection went out for probably 30 seconds and just because of that i lost 50 sr and got suspended. This is extremely annoying and does not make any sense. The game should go on for at least maybe a minute before it gets cancelled. I have played a lot to get to the sr i am. Another thing that bothers me. Why do you lose more sr than you gain? i have played some games today where i got only about 17 sr when i won but i lost 20-30 sr when i did not win. To be honest me and a lot of my friends have kind of gotten to the point where we would rather watch overwatch than log on and play it. JUST BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID RANKING SYSTEM. Thank you for your time. Btw i think i spent an hour just trying to write a message to the devs.


Word of advice, if you wish to keep your sanity. If you are not a pro or getting paid to play this game, completely ignore the ranking system. It’s been 3 years and they’re still trying to ‘get it right’. I stopped caring about rank a while ago and it was one of the best decisions I made in Overwatch. The more you care about rank and incremental SR numbers, the more you will only serve to infuriate yourself. Just play for fun. Ignore the SR. Done.


Ranked is literally a lottery system even within the same rank. At least it was.
One game you get these awesome people who play Overwatch the way it’s supposed to be played, the next game you get people who do crazy :poop: and die all the time. It’s too stressful for me. I’m supposed to enjoy the games.
So call me weird but I don’t even play ranked anymore. I’m enjoying QP when I need my Overwatch fix.


Well not every game is going to go great the way it’s meant to be played. To expect that is just being unrealistic. Just like we have good and bad days, we have good and bad games. It’s all relative. You just have to be conscious of that and not be drawn in to the negativity, If you notice you’re having a bad game with a terrible team, just mute, and do your own thing, accept the loss, move on to the next game.


Oh no I can take the loss when the opposite team were just better or had less of those unlucky moments and if my team at least show they know what they’re doing.
That’s not the issue, I have no problems with losing.

It’s not relative. There are certain things you expect people to know or to do in specific ranks, which was plat in my case. That’s just how it is. The ranking just sucks. There’s too much diversity within the same rank.
Whatever, it’s a thing of the past. Today I like to believe role queue could solve this problem and I tried some of the beta and tbh seems to have helped to some degree.


Although this was an older post it’s still relevant:

he game also cannot differentiate between someone who loses their internet connectivity (outage, storm, land mine, etc) and someone who rage quits by unplugging their ethernet cable, so they are punished equally

There are 6 leaver penalties that occur in succession to cause a season long ban. It is your responsibility as a player to edumucate yourself as to the levels of punishment:

10 minutes
30 minutes
2 hours
8 hours
24 hours
Season Ban

Each comes with a 50 SR penalty

The game does not track “disconnects” and “purposeful leaves” separately. They are cumulative

This means if you rage quit once, lose your internet 3 times, and lose power twice in a season you get a season long ban.


So for whatever reason stop leaving comp games or you will get banned from the season for sure and forget appealing it. SR don’t care about it, any rank can be fun if you have friends in it, except bronze just don’t ever fall down into that cesspool.


The game can make a difference because there’s one major difference between the guy who’s game crashed or dc’d or whatever and the guy who rage quit: the first guy tries to get back in the game within the first minute or so. The other never comes back.

Such a pity the game doesn’t do anything with this.


hi same here so annoying im lossing enorsment level over and over just becuase connection failed and when i exit im suspened