Support and DPS Needed!

Hello heroes! We are a group of four brits looking for two people to finish off our stack. We are friendly but competitive, and we all play our parts to win, however we are not a full team, which leaves two other people usually without a mic or any form of communication to us. We loom for two talented individuals who are non toxic and are experienced enough to play either DPS or support.
Things we are looking for:

  • Moira

  • Lucio

  • Baptiste

  • Ana

  • Sombra

  • Mccree

  • Pharah

  • Bastion

  • No one tricking

  • No switching to widow to kill the other widow unless it is extremely necessary, she can be killed in other ways

  • No disconnections

  • No blaming teammates for losing

  • Readily avaliable

  • Over 15 minimum

  • Smurfs welcome but you have to prove yourself

  • Sr 2300-3000

Last note: please contact me via my xbox messages because replying here will probably not be seen! Dm me at Dragonfire486
Hope to see you soon!

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